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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Homeschooling: A Little Splurge

Sometimes, you need a little splurge!

A friend was telling me recently about a puzzle game that she had bought for her son. As soon as he saw it in the store, he was taken with it, but it was not a planned expenditure. She mulled it over . . . reasoning within her thoughts that they spend no money on video games because that doesn't fit with their lifestyle, but education does fit . . . 

She decided to splurge.

She went on to tell me how much pleasure Andrew had gotten from this puzzle. He has spent hours playing with it and has taken every opportunity to share it with others. It was money well spent!

Hearing Barbara's story got me thinking about how a little splurge can generate enthusiasm in your homeschool.

While I was preparing our school order last summer. Bekah became fascinated with some 4-D anatomy models that she saw in homeschool catalogs. She was going to be studying biology this year, so Ron and I decided to choose a model and order it for her as a surprise.

It is always a thrill when new school things arrive in the mail, but this time it was especially fun to see Bekah's surprise as she discovered her chicken model!

She put it together that day . . .

. . . and many times since then,

learning all the while,

having fun,

increasing her speed

and her knowledge of bird anatomy.

Money well spent.

Because sometimes a little splurge is all it takes to ignite a spark!

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  1. Oh many times more fun and just as educational as fetal pigs. It is important to know when to spend some funds and when to hold back.

  2. Looks like you made a great choice! A fun and educational splurge!

  3. Perfect! This is the best way to learn!

    Now I'm thinking we need some of these for next year when Sarah does Biology! Kyle would love them as well! What an awesome way to learn.

  4. Well worth the splurge from the looks of that smile. Happy student.

  5. Your new splurge looks wonderful on Bekah's face! Maybe a budding vet or medical student in the making? Great investment, Cheryl. ♥

  6. DEFINITELY worth the splurge! Looks fun and soo the way to learn!

  7. That was money well spent and an ideal surprise for your daughter. I found your blog today by a comment you made on another blog about how you love books. Me too.


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