As the name of my blog indicates, I spend a lot of time thinking about home. Of course, my Heavenly Home is the one that is eternal, so that’s where I need to lay up my treasures, and that’s the one I’m striving for. But in the meantime, I have been given this tiny piece of the here-and-now—this nearly six-acre tract of land, this farmhouse, this domain—in which to serve Him. And, though this is in the earthly realm, I want the things that happen here to be investments in the Heavenly realm.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Farmhouse Christmas Tour ~ 2014

Every year, I enjoy taking my reader-friends on a little tour through our Farmhouse at Christmastime. I have always dreamed of being one of the houses on a walking tour, so this is sort of a way to do just that...without having to have the house spotless or make hundreds of cookies to serve or clean the floors afterward!  

Our home is not large or fancy or new. In fact, we have lived here for thirty-three years and for twenty or so of those years, we were fixing the place up and by "fixing up" I don't mean painting or changing out light fixtures (although we did that too!). I mean replacing windows, putting on siding, adding insulation, refinishing floors, laying new floors, moving walls, replumbing, rewiring, putting in heat and air conditioning, and so on. Limited time and limited funds demanded that we do the work slowly, over time. But now we have a home that we love...and we love to dress it up for Christmas!

So come on in and have a peek...

Entering the front door, you are in The Farmhouse living room. This where we have the family tree, decorated with ornaments collected through the years, a pencil tree to save space in this smallish room. (Pretend you don't notice the dark spot on our "prelit" tree where the "lit" has gone out.) There's lots of greenery and candlelight and a pineapple (a colonial symbol of hospitality) here and there.

potpourri in a pewter dish

I brought my pineapple statuary in from the front porch to decorate the "fantel" this year.

greenery and a jar candle tucked into an old box

Williamsburg-style fruit fan purchased after Christmas last year

Now let's walk into the dining room. This is an easy room to decorate for Christmas as it is already wearing red (checked curtains) and green (woodwork). Again, I add greenery and candles and fruit for a cozy, colonial look.

another pineapple...and yarrow from the herb garden

heirloom spoons

sideboard Ron made from a pattern featured in Country Living magazine

Bicentennial pewter tea service

della Robbia garland

The last stop on our tour today will be The Farmhouse kitchen, the heart of our home: our everyday dining room, our sitting room, our school room, a gathering room, the Thanksgiving room, the room where everyone ends up no matter where the party starts. 

I told you all about the tree in the kitchen ~here~.

cornhusk nativity, older than some of my children

a glimpse of the new floorcloth

bowl of pomanders on the island

tray near the coffee pot, including the crock of "mystery spoons"

atop the china closet

Thank you so much for joining me on the tour of our Farmhouse! My house is my hobby and I love sharing it with guests, whether in person or via the internet. I know that my home is a gift from the Lord and is to be used for His purpose. 

I came across this quote yesterday. It is referring to a different sort of dwelling, not that made of wood and mortar, but that of the soul. And so I leave you with this food for thought. What kind of habitation do I have?

And what kind of habitation pleases God? What must our natures be like before he can feel at home within us? He asks nothing but a pure heart and a single mind. He asks no rich paneling, no rugs from the Orient, no art treasures from afar. He desires but sincerity, transparency, humility, and love. He will see to the rest.  ~ A.W. Tozer

Merry Christmas to you as we celebrate the greatest gift ever given...
the Word who was made flesh in order to redeem us!


Linking to The Nester's 2014 Christmas Tour of Homes, where "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!"  (Hooray!)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday Snapshots: This and That

Some random shots from our Sunday...

The children's table, set with after-Christmas clearance plates from Target.

Sweet faces around that table.
Note one particular boy who is trying to stave off Aunt Kati's kisses. :)

Still avoiding kisses.

And still avoiding kisses!

Drinking pickle juice!
(Three of my four children have done this. It makes my face cringe to watch it.)

A very loose tooth (which was out by the end of the afternoon). 

Dessert time.

Pineapple napkins. (Swoon.) It's the little things.

A mystery. How did he get there?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge {Christmas Scenes}

There are many lovely photo opportunities at Christmastime. So when I did my homework (by reading the instructive articles Donna provided) and started looking around for subjects for this month's challenge (Christmas Scenes), I wasn't sure where to start. People? Lights? Decor? 

As it turned out, I ended up choosing some close-up shots of my nooks and crannies. 

(All photos were taken with my Canon Rebel T3.) 

* * *

A little sparkle and shine!  Wine charms (marking whose glass is whose) on the stemware, set against the kitchen tree for some bokeh. 

No glamour shot here! Just a basket filled with gift wrapping supplies, ready to be carried upstairs for a private wrapping session, or brought downstairs for an evening of wrap-and-a-movie. 

An old tin cookie cutter and some cedar tucked into a bowl of pomanders.

This was a peek at the nooks and crannies, a zoomed-in view. In a day or two, I'll back up the focus a bit and take you on a little tour of the Farmhouse dressed for Christmas.

After this month, A Personal Photo Challenge is on hold for a time. Our dear hostess, teacher, and friend, Donna, is living difficult days as she devotes her all to caring for her Mr. Jim. 

Donna, I continue to pray for you both as you walk this journey.

Click on the button below to see Christmas Scenes from the other participants.
A Personal Photo Challenge

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Meeting Paul

We made a quick trip this weekend to meet our new grandson Paul! 

We are thrilled to be able to do such a thing after so many years of too much distance between us. This time around, we were able to love on this baby before he was even two weeks old...and we anticipate many happy visits with this dear family, both here and there. 

Excuse the bedhead (mine), but this is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend. Ron snapped this photo of Paul peeking over my shoulder. Oh my goodness.

Yes, we are in love.

Good times...

Cutest. Cowboy. Ever.

I brought Hugs in a bag. But you had to give a real hug to get one. 
Smart Gran move, huh? I got some extra hugs over the weekend.

 Of course, my son sent me this picture after we got home...

Watching YouTube videos of roller coasters. 
(It's cheaper!) 

Family of six!

If your children are good parents, being a grandparent is a great job! 

Our grandparent job actually began twelve years ago today, for today our very first grandson, Gavin, celebrates his 12th birthday! What a blessing he is! 

We thank the Lord for each one of these blessings, these grandchildren of ours...from the oldest (Gavin) to the youngest (Paul) and every one in between (Maddie, Owen, Eve, Ben, Nora, Alaine, and Peter)! 

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