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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Party Planning Inspiration: The Next Generation

When I wrote my 31-day series CeLeBRaTe!! back in October, I talked about Party Planning Inspiration, about how little things can be the springboard to a party theme when you learn to look with "party eyes." 

I am happy to report that Bekah (13) has developed her "party eyes"!

On Saturday morning, I placed these three items on the kitchen table and wondered if we could do anything with them for Father's Day. Bekah's eyes lit up, and she asked if she could do the decorating. I told her to go for it!

The three items (all purchased at Target during the past few weeks):

  1. A roll of Spritz black and white polka dot wrapping paper ($1.00)
  2. A package of basket filler ($1.50)
  3. Moustache plates (I forget...I think $2.99 for each of two packs.)
(This is not a sponsored post! I just love Target!) 

And here is what Bekah came up with...

She put some of the basket filler in a glass hurricane and wrapped the hurricane with ribbon and jute. She used "Paint" on the computer to design the word "Dad." She printed it on card stock, cut it out, mounted it on bamboo skewers, and placed it in the hurricane. 

She put more basket filler in some small glass votive holders. She drew moustaches on black construction paper and mounted them on toothpicks.

Bekah had ideas about wrapping too. Again, I told her to go for it! She used the polka dot wrapping paper, brown gift bags, black tissue paper, and jute. I really liked the gift bag with the moustache cut from the wrapping paper. 

She chose a vintage white table runner, placed the moustache plates and some black napkins, and we were good to go!

All accomplished with those three basic items, stuff found around the house...and those all important party eyes

Do you have "party eyes"? (You can develop them, you know!)

(And not that you can't have Father's Day without a "theme," of course, but we do have fun with it!)


  1. So fun to see Bekah's "party eyes!"

  2. It's nice to see your creativity rubbing off on the next generation! Great job Bekah!

  3. Bekah did a wonderful job. I have never had "party eyes" but I figure it's never to late to try and develop them.

  4. No, I definitely do not have party eyes. I need a Bekah! She did a beautiful job...clever, inspired, and inspiring!

  5. Sadly, my party eyes go in and out of focus. They are always more sharp when my "Bekah" (aka Amelia) is around. Great job, Bekah! Creative, thrifty, and thoughtful... All the things I admire when it comes to party planning.

  6. What a clever girl! She did a really good job. I love to decorate for dinner parties and other occasions. That's part of the pleasure of entertaining, for me.

  7. So very cute! Great job. I have to mention...I found a sheep! It isn't quite as cute as yours (no curls) but I was pleased. This is typical me...I am now ready for EASTER. Hahaha

  8. Those are SO cute, Cheryl! And no, I don't have party eyes, I'm afraid. sigh.

  9. Yay Bekah! A very clever creative girl. Love your ideas.

  10. Oh goodness, she has WONDERFUL party eyes! Personally, I think that it's a gift, and the girls got it! Cleaver and creative. The fact that she did it with things around the house and inexpensive things you got her from Target made her frugal and soo able to make do, but that creative part I don't think you can "learn". She's been blessed with it! What a GOOD job! Loved it!

  11. I do not have party eyes at all!! I LOVE what Bekah did though-- I so admire you people with the party eyes:)

  12. She did a great job!

    I love having party eyes, but feel I am stuck in a rut! I need fresh party eyes! lol!



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