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Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunday Snapshots: Summer Food, a Six-Hour Cake, and Baseball

When we count up all of the extra activities, the holidays, and the birthdays, we really don't have that many "normal" summer Sundays. And since we need ("need"...ha!) to fit our summer favorites into our Sunday afternoon meals, it takes careful planning. 

Yesterday was the day for steamed shrimp. I made corn chowder (that will be this week's Savoring Summer recipe), Kristin made homemade Hawaiian bread and a Caesar salad. Good summer eating. 

And then there was the Six-Hour Cake. 

Do you think I am kidding? Oh no I am not. 

Bekah had been wanting to make a cake that she saw in Martha's American Food cookbook, so when we planned Sunday's menu, we put Bekah in charge of dessert. At 3:00 on Saturday afternoon, she began to make the cake. And at 9:30 pm, she was cleaning up the dishes. To be fair, she did take a break to eat dinner and to take a bath, but she also took a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time to make that cake.

Yes, Bekah is slow. (She takes after her mom.) But she is also precise, and she's a rule-follower, and she wanted to follow Martha's instructions exactly. Exactly. 

So when the instructions called for the chocolate to be "finely chopped," she finely chopped. I suggested that the chocolate would melt even if it were not so finely chopped, she said that she wanted to do what Martha said. And when the instructions said that the heat proof bowl should be placed above the simmering water, but not touching it (Really, Martha?! What will that hurt? It's not like you'd be setting it directly on the burner!)...well, let's just say that I had to convince here that a double boiler would do the trick nicely. Mostly though, I let her alone to do it her way (ahem...make that Martha's way) because that's how she'll learn. 

(Am I the only one who thinks that Martha is a bit uptight? Cooking is not rocket science!) 

At one point, Bekah sighed and said, "I don't think that Martha has to chop all this chocolate herself!" ~smile~

Cake and photo by Bekah

At Ron's suggestion, we took the Six-Hour Cake out to the patio. We have been blessed with so many fair weather Sundays this year! On a typical July afternoon, we'd not be out here! Our cake would melt and so would we I.

The kids begged Brian to play baseball with them and he complied. They were thrilled! 

And the rest of us were thrilled to go inside and catch up on photos of the last month of Sundays!


  1. Oh yes! Kids love it when the adults play, too! We have a number of active family games that we all play together, even John and I get involved.

    Now that cake looks wonderful. Did it taste like a six-hour cake? I think that if one follows Martha's rules, one will do well. Ha! I use a lot of Martha's rules. I even fold all shirts her way. (Or is that the prison's way?)

    Glad that your weather has been a bit temperate and I hope that it can hang in there even longer.

  2. Well now I'm hungry! Everything looks real good. Glad you are having days that you can enjoy the patio...

  3. Lol...still laughing at that comment fropm Vee about Martha's shirt folding process!! Well, thae cake sure does look delish! Looks like a fun-filled weekend :)

  4. Bekah made a beautiful cake. I'm sure Martha would be proud. And yes I do feel Martha is a little uptight. Having said that, I have learned quite a bit from her. ♥

  5. Your lunch looks delicious and the cake looks like it was worth the wait. Bekah is right. I don't think Martha chops her own chocolate anymore, and probably not much of anything else, either!

  6. Wow never thought of corn chowder in summer--I'll come back to read about it! I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. The ice cream looks great, as does the 6 hour cake. Chocolate would be worth the 6 hours!

  7. The cake looks delicious, and I bet it was too! I loved it when my daughter was learning to cook and we had a few of these "rule following" discussions too. I did try and convince her sometimes, that baking and cooking are not always hard and fast rules, there is room for improvising and substituting, but she would have none of it either. I did the same thing...just let her do it her way no matter how long it took, lol. Glad you've been having nice weather. Enjoy your week!

  8. The cake turned out lovely! And she learned some things along the way. Way to go Bekah, you can make me a cake any day!

    I do think Martha is uptight! And yes, a huge staff to help her out! God gave me a staff too, my children! We work together and get things done!

    I love your family Sundays!


  9. I don't pay any attention to Martha any more. Her recipes can be a little tedious. But that cake turned out beautifully! Kudos to Bekah! xo

  10. I'm thinking that the Six-Hour Cake is sure to become a family tradition, or at least the story of it will. Vee is so witty with her shirt folding quip.
    I do think Martha is a bit uptight, but she does know her stuff and it's only after one learns the rules that one can break them.

  11. Ohhh yum! You have us all craving chocolate cake now!!! :)

  12. My goodness, what wonderful helpers. I am impressed that Bekah took on that "Martha recipe" The cake looks outstanding and the pictures prove that it was delicious. I love families who cook together.
    My grandson has been looking for summer employment. He has been a lifeguard and now is going to work as a "Chef" at IHop. He loves to cook and does a lot of it at home.
    I love it when kids help out in the gives them something that they can use all their lives.

  13. I love the structure, planning and traditions your family seems to stick very close to. The cake looked good and I hope Beckah thought it was worth every bit of the time she put in to it.


  14. Very fun post, Cheryl! Interesting how our kids think everyone else knows everything better than we do. LOL Like, I'm sure you've never baked a chocolate cake, right????!!! ;-) On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with following the rules. (Personally, I'd take my rule direction from someone other than Martha. LOL) Looks like a fun time. Yes, Martha probably has someone to chop the chocolate AND to do the cleanup. Don't you wish you could bake or cook and only have to worry about that single process? To have elves or someone who would come in when you're done and clean up the kitchen? sigh. What a pleasant dream.

  15. This post made me smile! I love the "6 Hour Cake". Bless Bekah's heart for hanging in there and following Martha's directions to the letter! The cake looks beautiful. Great job, Bekah! I have learned a tip or two from Martha myself. And that' a good thing. (I just had to say it!)

  16. I wish you could see me smiling, I love to visit friend's blogs that bring me such joy, and yours is one of my favorite, Cheryl! The cake looks perfect as well as your other food! Activities like playing ball with the adults is always so much fun for the kiddos, as they usually win.~smile~ Thanks for sharing and brightening my afternoon.

  17. Yummy looking food! And that cake looks totally delish. I was tickled to read your description of Bekah's baking. That is sooooooo not me. But it looks totally worth it.


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