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Friday, November 7, 2014

Personal Photo Challenge {Trees}

November has sneaked up on me. 

It happens every. single. year. I am just sailing along (  la dee da dee da ) soaking up October and autumn and all of my favorite things, sipping pumpkin spice iced coffees...and then...


The calendar turns over and it's Kati's birthday and the holidays are in full throttle before I have even gone to Target to get discount Pumpkin Kisses! What?!!

So that's what happened when I realized that Donna's Personal Photo Challenge for the month of November is THIS weekend and not NEXT. Oops. November got me again. 

It's a good thing that I have been taking tree pictures in preparation for next week's this week's challenge. 

 * * *

This is one of the Bradford pear trees in our front yard, taken earlier this week. It is one of the last trees to change color, and I love this contrast of leaves that have changed and leaves that have not. (I also love the little wood-like berries.) Autumn is lingering in this tree. 

I drive by this little pond almost every time I go out. On this particular day, the mood was "November" as the sky was gray, the rain was falling (can you see the drops hitting the surface?), there were fallen leaves scattered on the edges of the pond, and color in the deciduous trees at the water's edge.

This last photo is my favorite! We passed this frisky fellow as we walked to Bekah's gym class, and I was delighted that he paused long enough for me to snap his photo. I suppose I am stretching the theme a little bit as the squirrel is definitely the star of this photo, but he was on a tree...right, Donna? 

(All photos were taken with my Canon Rebel T3. I edited in PicMonkey, increasing shadows and contrast.)

Thanks you, Donna, for hosting another fun photography challenge! 
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  1. Oh too funny! A squirrel photo bombed my tree photo. That photograph that you describe as looking like November is so pretty...calendar material or Sunday morning scripture card material or something good!

  2. Your second picture... looks like a great spot to be contemplative. I like those kinds of places.

    Your squirrely picture is precious. Not a fan of actual squirrels, but I do like photos of them!

  3. How cute! The squirrel is definitely on a tree! lol Love all of your photos for the challenge. Happy Fall! Hugs, Diane

  4. I love the first picture. The focus is just perfect. And of course, who can pass up a squirrel? Great job with all three photos.

  5. Great photos, Cheryl...I love the misty look of #2...gray days are sometimes my favorite to take fall leaf pics...the colors, although not as bright as when the sun is shining, still pop through all of that gray, in a subtle sort of way. Have a good weekend!

  6. This challenge creeps up on me, too, although this month I was more ready than usual. Love the vivid colors of the pear tree and the softness of the rainy day. That squirrel shot, oops I mean, shot of the tree that the squirrel photobombed is really great!

  7. Very nice photos. I haven't seen a Bradford pear in many years, and I've always thought they are so beautiful. Thanks for the memory. :)

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    My Cleveland pear is just starting to change. It is the last around here. Your photo of the pond, is amazing.


  9. I can almost feel the rain in that second photo. So pretty and peaceful. And of course the squirrel steals the show!

  10. Happy Birthday to Kati! Lovely photos, that squirrel is amazing!

  11. Your second photo is so well composed. It is stunning in a quiet kind of way.
    The squirrel is definitely on a tree. I'm pretty sure that counts.

  12. It is a tiny bit of a stretch, but certainly within the criteria, LOL! Trees can be the primary subject or play a supporting role. Where would our "nutty" squirrel friends be this time of year if it wasn't for trees? They are sure shopping for groceries around our place! Yes, I can hear the rain falling in the second one. And the color contrast in the first photo is a delight.

    The challenge came early this month, but I'm glad that you were able to participate despite the timing.

  13. I like the small pond surrounded by trees, looks like an interesting place to explore.
    Thanks to the number of squirrels in our neighbourhood, we never get birds nesting in the trees.

  14. I can hardly believe November has arrived - I'm sorry I missed your Gathering the Moments Cheryl.

    The trees are lovely, especially the second one with the pond.
    While your trees are about to lose their leaves ours have come into Spring leaf!

  15. Belas fotos! Parabéns!
    Um abraço!

    Beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  16. Yes, November has a way of sneaking up and flying past. I can't quite believe how late in the season it is either. Carrying your camera around sure paid off with that squirrel shot. I keep trying to take their pictures, but they're on to me. I doesn't help that my 2-year old side kick runs at them.

  17. Stopping by from the photo challenge...thanks for sharing that lovely pond pic and your furry friend who loves trees too!

  18. Hi Cheryl! I love the pond photo, you are blessed to be able to drive by that scene often! I bet it looks different almost every time. So pretty!

  19. November always seems to sneak up on me too! I love your first shot- love trees that display several colors at once in the fall. We have maples here that can be green, yellow, orange, and if you're lucky a touch of red too, all at once- they are the best photo subjects! Your little squirrelly friend is handsome! He struck a great pose!

  20. That pond is delightful- it looks so welcoming!

  21. Love the colors!!! And the wonderful pond so November.. Thanks for the great shots.


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