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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Special Day {In Which Maddie Goes to the Spa}

Last week, I promised to tell you about three of our recent "Special Days."  (If you missed it, you can read about what a Special Day is ~here~.)  


Inspiration for our day at the spa began when Kati gave me some homemade sugar scrub for my birthday.  When I mentioned my idea to Kati, she began brainstorming, and she and I started to gather ideas and plans from here and there and everywhere...and pinning many of them onto our Pinterest board.

On a cold day in late January, Papa-the-Chauffeur and Bekah went to pick up our guest of honor, our oldest granddaughter Maddie who is 8 years old.  Kati and I stayed behind to put the finishing touches on our spa decorations and supplies.  We set the scene for a slow, relaxing day of primping and pampering for two young ladies.

As soon as the girls had shed their coats and donned their pretty robes, 
they were treated to a cup of hot tea.

After tea, the young ladies had facials.
First was a treatment with lemon sugar scrub,

followed by a cucumber mask
and cucumber slices to reduce puffiness around the eyes.
Neither of the girls thought that their eyes were puffy (they weren't)...but doesn't every facial include cucumber slices?

Facials completed, skin refreshed, the girls then took turns having a long soak 
(Maddie's word for a long unhurried bath)
 in the tub in which red rose soap petals floated.

While Maddie was having the first soak, I told Bekah to gather a few magazines to read.  
(She chose a Martha Stewart Living and the Royal Wedding issue of People--
perfect choices for these girly girls.  ~smile~ )

Lunch at the spa included butterfly cucumber sandwiches, turkey/spinach wraps, 
and strawberry-banana smoothies.

After lunch, Aunt Kati and the girls had pedicures, via a fun little game.  I played Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty Waltz," while the girls passed around bottles of different colored nail polish.  I paused the music at random intervals, at which time each girl painted one toenail with the polish that she was holding.  We kept going until all ten toes (actually thirty toes!) were polished and the results were adorable.

Then it was time for a little refresher...
a glass of sparkling cranberry juice to sip while having their manicures.

Hand massages,
and foot massages while relaxing, wearing the eye shades that I made for them.

The girls decided that it would be fun to give Kati a foot massage.

With most of the spa activities completed, the girls watched some movies...
all princess-themed, if you notice the pattern.

The girls had requested rag curls, so before they went to bed, Kati and I curled their hair. (Anyone remember rag curls?)  Then off they went to Kati's room (she has the double bed), taking a DVD player so that they could watch their last movie in bed.
Bottom left: Rag curls and eye shades  (Do you see that the giraffe has an eye shade too?)
Bottom right:  Results of the rag curls

Spa Day was over, but the next day was Sunday, so Maddie went to church with us, and was here when the rest of her family came on Sunday afternoon.  
When they all left in the evening, Maddie took home this basket of spa goodies
and, I hope, some good memories of a Special Day spent with Papa and Gran and the aunts.


  1. Oh, my! That WAS a special day!

  2. O what a precious post by you. Nothing beats time with the grands. This is such a sweet and special day for them. I love it!

  3. Oh wow! I'll say that it was a special day. Bet that Maddie felt very loved and pampered And Kati must have loved that double foot massage! You sure do it right at your place...oh, lovely rag curls, too. Must be so much easier to sleep on.

  4. What a wonderful day!

    I am storing this one away to do with Kamryn one day! In the meantime, I may need to do this with my girls!

    I know I could use a good mani-pedi!


  5. I absolutely remember rag curls, my mom did my hair up with them very often. I love everything about this post, I think the personalized water bottles really got me. One fab idea after the other. I would love a day like this! ;-) xo

  6. Maddie brings her spa basket into the bathroom with her each time she has a soak. (That's only about once a week since the other times I suggest a shower which is slightly faster.

  7. Love, love, love that cucumber slice picture:)


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