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Friday, November 8, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge {Layering Textures}

The key word in the title is "challenge."  

And Donna's challenge this month is "Layering Textures." 

My first challenge was to find out what in the world a texture is! So I read the helpful articles that Donna linked, as well as her own suggestions on layering textures. that's what a texture is. 

The second challenge was to learn something totally new (I have never added a texture to a photo!) and take the plunge!  Here goes...

I began with this cropped photo of one of my favorite subjects: Coffee. Coffee that tastes even better when served in a Friendly Village cup and saucer. 

Because I am familiar with PicMonky, I decided to use the textures that they offered. The first one I tried is "Smudge" (the fifth choice in the possible "smudges"). 

Then I got (a little) more adventurous and applied another "smudge" (this one the fourth choice) and faded it to 40%. I liked how this texture sort of framed the cup of coffee.

The last texture I tried was PicMonkey's "Paint" (the second of the "paint" choices). This time I was really brave and erased the texture over the coffee and the cup, leaving it in place over the remaining parts of the photo. I liked that effect.  

Then with a final burst of creative inspiration, I decided to add some text.

Just sayin'.

Thank you, Donna, for challenging me to learn something new!  


  1. Oh how Fun!! You did a wonderful job on that cup of coffee!
    Love the text as well...
    Happy weekend!!

  2. Great job! I have added text before, but never the effects. I may have to play with it now, lol.

  3. You are so wonderfully creative and have such a natural feel for these homey things. Your stuff is always inspirational.

    BTW, I totally agree about the coffee.

  4. You are an A student in my book! I love these textures, particularly the last two examples. You were smart to use a simple photo because then the textures can shine. I'm so glad that you stepped outside your comfort zone and learned a new skill! Just think of the possibilities now for blog headers and any time you want to create a special image!

  5. Great Job I'd say, but what do I know! I do know this is a well chosen study for you as you love coffee! And it must be in your love language!

  6. You took your cup of coffee to new heights with the textures you put over it. I like the second photo best as I didn't like the red drawing my eye away from the subject.

  7. Photo challenge? I think I need to get in on that action! Thanks for calling it to my attention. And showing us your process... that's great!

  8. How neat! I use picmonkey and the paint is one my favs but I've never used Smudge. I'll try it soon. I knew I would learn a lot in this challenge! Great job!

  9. I LOVE PicMonkey and use it a lot - along with iPhoto. Don't have time to learn anything more complicated!

    I like all the versions but my favorite is the second one - it really brings out the antique look. Lovely china, especially the floral motif inside the cup.

    Have a fun weekend - Mary

  10. Wow! I am impressed. I see that "the trick" may just be to go with an unfussy photo. Ahhhh... That cup of coffee looks so good!

  11. My fav is #1. I really like the colors too. From another beginner, I think you did a really good job!!

  12. I love all of them but the last one is my favorite. Very creative!

  13. WOW! Great job for just beginning with textures. I love all of them.

  14. Wonderful! I'm pinning your last coffee image to my coffee board, just for the inspiration. But this post makes me wish I could sit down at the table across from you and share a good cup of coffee and a real nice visit.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  15. I use Pic Monkey too and the paint is one of my favorite. I use it for cards a lot.

  16. Wow- great job! Love all the choices you made, especially the smudge. They all look great on your coffee photo! (I think a simple subject is the key to this challenge!)

  17. Hello Cheryl
    Your cup and saucer make a wonderful image to play with.
    I really love the 'smudge' one and will look at that next time - thanks for the tip!
    I'm so pleased you enjoyed the challenge so did I - time can run away when playing like this!!
    I've just seen you're Kati's mum - she is such a sweet girl and I belong to her blog too.

  18. You did good! I love that last photo with the words. PicMonkey is fun!

  19. You did a fine job! Stopping by from the Photo Challenge. I enjoy editing in Picmonkey, its kinda fun!

  20. What a great job. You've made a very artistic looking cup of coffee. I'm most impressed that you were able to erase the texture from where you didn't want it.

  21. I am impressed! I don't even know how to use pic monkey.


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