As the name of my blog indicates, I spend a lot of time thinking about home. Of course, my Heavenly Home is the one that is eternal, so that’s where I need to lay up my treasures, and that’s the one I’m striving for. But in the meantime, I have been given this tiny piece of the here-and-now—this home on the edge of town, this family, this neighborhood—in which to serve Him. And, though this is in the earthly realm, I want the things that happen here to be investments in the Heavenly realm.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Pot Rack

Martha Ellen apparently has a keen eye for detail! When I posted the above photo as part of the Photo-a-Day challenge, she observed in the comments, "I don't think I've seen your pot rack. Did your husband make it?"

Yes, Martha Ellen, Ron did make the new pot rack! I'll tell you the long-but-brief story.

The "long" part is the fact that years ago I clipped an inspiration photo of an old ladder used as a pot rack from a Country Home magazine. I showed Ron and then tucked it aside. Every now and then, I'd come across that photo and mention it again. (Now I can't find that photo, so I can't show it to you.)

The "brief" part is that Ron took a notion to make his own "old" ladder this past fall. He measured and sketched and he made it in no time. 

But...eek! After talking about a pot rack for years, now that I actually had one, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it! What a fickle woman I am.  

As I have told you, we had a crazy, challenging autumn and holiday season, and the last thing I wanted was something new that I had to decorate and tweak. As you recall, I was also preparing (in the midst of the hubbub) for a house photo shoot, and I didn't want to add another focal piece. What if it didn't look good? What in the world would I hang on it? I tend to use trial and error and thinking and tweaking when I decorate, so I didn't want to have to work with something new before the house photos. So I convinced Ron that I needed to wait until the first of the year to hang it (without telling him that I wasn't even sure I was going to like it!). 

Now that it's here, I love it! It doesn't dominate the space as I feared it would. I think it compliments the new island rather than detract from it. 

I still haven't settled on exactly what to hang on it. So far, the pot rack doesn't have a single pot! I like the convenience of the colander hanging within easy reach. But I'm still tweaking, and that's okay now. I feel like I have the mental energy to tweak. (And no "permanent" house photos hanging over my head. Literally.) I have visions of holiday decorating too. There are all sorts of possibilities!

So there's the long and short story of my new pot rack.

Is your house always changing? Are you always tweaking things like I am? Do you think that decorating is ever "done"? 


  1. Love it, Cheryl! It looks great over the island!

  2. I love your kitchen, Cheryl! Things do change at this old house, too. Our next project we are contemplating is gutting and remodeling the main floor bathroom. Quite the project...

  3. I am glad to find out its new! I thought to myself "how did I miss that?!" Lol!

    Ron did a great job on that ladder. It looks wonderful in your kitchen, friend! Oh and holiday decorating! Yes! It will be wonderful!

    I love your home. Oh, how is the sitting area in your room? Are you using it as you thought you would?


  4. The new/old ladder looks great whether or not you hang pots on it. I do like the basket hanging there.

    Things are always being tweaked here. I have more ideas than I could ever implement.
    Was your home featured in a magazine - just wondering about the professional photo op.

  5. Love the new ladder and your kitchen. So country and cozy. Also notice that your flour and sugar canisters are full now (hope the earlier "commenter" (is that a word?) noticed.
    Enjoy and look forward to your blog pots.
    Blessings, Sharon D.

  6. Cheryl...this is like a blast from the past for me! Back about in the mid 80's I had my hubby make me one too. I had also seen an old ladder with pots hanging on it fell in love with idea. I had a butcher block table that it hung over and I hung many old things on it....baskets, old meat cleaver & saw, antique copper tea kettle, plants, etc. I sure wish I had room for it in my kitchen now! I absolutely loved the look of it and I love yours too!

  7. House photo shoot?! What did I miss?! I never miss a post from you......was it for a magazine?! Oh, I am dying here now. Love the pot rack, btw! xo

  8. I wish my kitchen was big enough for this. Love the look.

  9. Cheryl, how lovely to have such a talented husband! He did a beautiful job on your pot rack. Lucky for you that it all worked out to your liking. I am never "done" decorating. There is always a new project brewing around here. Currently, my husband is making me above ground planter boxes for a few veggies. Of course, I've got more ideas for the inside that will save for next winter. ♥

  10. Looks wonderful. I love the style of the ladder. And it must help with space--or will, when you figure it out. Right now it looks good with what is there.

  11. I used to tweak my decorating all the time and now I rarely do. Your pot rack looks great!

  12. It looks great! And you have such a nice tall ceiling that seems to be perfect for it. I would have to buy new pots. haha

  13. Hi Cheryl,
    Gorgeous pictures. Your home is so warm and inviting! I love the pot rack. Years ago I bought an old orchard ladder for this very purpose, but have yet to install it. You have inspired me to work on this project!

  14. He did a wonderful job with it and I am glad that you like it for a man who remembers so well should have his gift honored. I once had an old apple ladder as a pot rack, which I loved the look served as a sort of divider between a pantry and dining room in the "big" house. Would you believe that I developed vertigo and had to take it down? I was so mad. Apparently, I'd be no good working in a restaurant kitchen. Can't wait to see how you'll decorate for the seasons. I think it looks great as you have it now. What do you find yourself needing At the island that might work there? I'm thinking a pitcher to hold those gorgeous tulips you've been featuring. And I hope that decorating is never done as I am never quite pleased with mine.

  15. I LOVE this! It looks soo perfect to me, and your right, the possibilities are endless. I don't change things up the way I used to, lol. I think I've learned over the years that once I start, stopping me is almost impossible, lol. I tweak one thing which leads to another and then another and on and on it goes. Is is ever really done? NOPE! Hope your week has gone well!

  16. OH! I just love the ladder pot rack, Cheryl, and have always wanted one! Ron did a wonderful job.Your kitchen is so pretty,
    Your Italian chicken recipe I think I might try this week,I have been looking for another recipe to prepare chicken.
    Your Sunday snapshot was precious, Happy birthday to the young man who has lived 90 years.
    Though i haven't been bloging this week I have been thinking and praying for Katie

  17. Oh, I LOVE this! The post rack AND the story!
    May I share my own pot rack story? I have always wanted a pot rack. Like the ones I had seen in Country Living. In our new home, I had the perfect place for one. With an open floor plan a pot rack could hang above the stove where pots should hang, and be a spot for drying herbs and have amazing decorating potential!
    Fast forward 5 or 6 years - our son surprises me with a rack very much like yours! But is is quite heavy and no one wants to climb into the rafters to hang it securely.
    So now I have a beautiful pot rack that wanders aimlessly looking for a home and a use, though I still dream of having it suspended in my kitchen where it belongs.
    I'm showing your photos to my husband and sons ;) thank you for sharing them!

  18. I love your pot rack too! My house has low ceilings and my kitchen is not big enough for a pot rack, but I think yours is lovely! We recently had a new piece of furniture added (!) which I hope to put on the blog soon. I hope everyone is doing well at your house:)

  19. Your home is beautiful and the pot rack is so perfect. Thoughtful and well made from your husband.


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