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Friday, September 25, 2015

Recovery and a Fall Supper

At least part of our busyness during the past couple of months can be attributed to the fact that Ron was scheduled for foot surgery. Knowing that he was going to be (literally) off his feet for several weeks, and knowing that after this foot heals that he will be undergoing the whole process again on the other foot, has given urgency to the to-do list. He finished building his pole shed, did yard work, hauled wood, and cleaned the chimney. He helped me clean out the refrigerator. This week, he got his teeth cleaned and he got a haircut. (I suppose he wanted to be a neat and tidy patient!)

Today was the day of the first surgery.

The surgery went well. And tonight the patient is resting in his recliner, watching Andy Griffith, and feeling chipper!

I had expected to make a "sick" dinner tonight, maybe some chicken soup or something.

Nope. Not for my patient. Instead, he wanted some fall comfort food and he asked for this dish. :)


4 or 5 bone-in pork chops
canola oil
21-oz can of apple pie filling
1 box Stove Top Stuffing Mix

Preheat oven to 375°.

Brown pork chops in oil.

While chops are browning, make stuffing according to package directions.

Spray 11x13 glass baking pan with non-stick cooking spray.
Spread apple pie filling in bottom of pan. Layer pork chops on top of pie filling. Spread stuffing mix on top.
Cover pan with foil.

Bake covered for 30 to 40 minutes (depending on thickness of chops).
Uncover and bake an additional 10 minutes.

It was flavorful fall comfort food and it made my patient happy!


  1. I'm hungry now! That sounds amazing!

    Praying for Ron!


  2. Soo glad to hear the surgery went well and one is behind him....and that dinner? OH MY does that ever look good! LOVE the sound of it all. Praying his recovery continues to go well!

  3. I probably would have thought of making a sick meel, too but that looks easy and delish! Praying Ron's recovery is full and speedy!

  4. What a delicious meal! Good food will help your husband heal faster, not to mention the loving preparation and service. :-)

    God's continued love, blessings and healing for the both of you ~ FlowerLady

  5. Brian would love this. I'm adding it to our menu after I grocery shop. :-)

  6. Cheryl, I'm so glad one surgery is over and your husband continues to do well. He's been one busy beaver! Your pork chop meal looks delicious. I seem to fix pork chops the same old way, so I must try your recipe.
    Praying for a speedy recovery for your Ron! ♥

  7. It looks delicious! So glad he is doing well after surgery. Hopefully this will be a good time of rest for him.

  8. Good to keep the patient happy! Wow nothing like a surgery in the future to get the to do list completed! Well done. Praying that his foot heals up well and the next surgery goes well, too!

  9. One down; one to go. Praying for no complications & speedier than expected recovery! And thanks for the recipe. My hubby really likes pork chops. Never heard of using the apple pie filling but it sounds delicious!

  10. Oh good! That's got to be an excellent sign that Ron isn't interested in chicken soup...give him some real grub! Praying for a speedy recovery.

  11. That looks tasty, Cheryl! Do you deliver?! I used to wonder at those stuffing commercials, "stuffing instead of potatoes" -- I want stuffing AND potatoes! And apples and pork is such a wonderful combination.

  12. Hi Cheryl,
    This looks so yummy. Hope your hubby feels better soon. Thanks for coming by and finding my blog now I have found you. I am a new follower.

  13. Aww - such a wonderful comfort and recovery meal!!! Hope the healing is quick. Nothing like having scheduled surgery to get things done around home - for me it's inviting the whole fam jam for Thanksgiving dinner!!

  14. Oh yes please!! I cannot think of pork chops and apples without thinking of that episode of the Brady Bunch when Peter was trying to impress a girl...he chanted "Pork chopshhh and apple shaushhh" several times throughout the If you've never seen it, I'm sure you can find it on You Tube! Well, I sure hope your hubby recovers quickly from his's so great that it didn't spoil his appetite! And I just LOVE it the you guys appreciate the Andy Griffith show! I have seen every one too many times to remember and I could watch it everyday, right after I Love Lucy :) I wrote a blog post on my other blog when Andy Griffith was like losing a member of my own family :( Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  15. What a wonderful dish! Need to try this. Glad his surgery went well. H really has been a busy guy.

  16. Good food will speed the recovery. He must be feeling great to not want soup!

  17. This looks wonderful. Thanks for the great recipe. Btw, love the blog! I followed so I'll be back!

  18. I made this for our family a few nights ago and they all Loved it :)

  19. Mmmm.. my husband would love this dish!


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