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Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend Snapshots: A Musical Beginning and a Sweet Ending

Kati came across this photo online and showed it to Bekah with the words, "This is you." 

It is true. Kind of. This fall, we lagged behind our goals in history, math, and science. Morning Time was put on hold. Bekah missed several PE classes and we cancelled all of our Keepers at Home meetings. But not once  --not once!-- did she miss choir. 

Choir was very important to us this term! We learned this summer that a local music teacher (also a homeschool mom) was offering a new choir class, and we jumped on board too quick to talk about! Music is one of Bekah's loves, and she was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn choir singing. Remember "shining eyes"? Hers were shining! 

So with the help of Kati and my dear friend Barbara who provided transportation numerous times, and with the careful arranging of medical appointments after choir lessons, Bekah was able to attend every one of the lessons and rehearsals. On Saturday afternoon, the newly formed choir participated in a wonderful Christmas recital of student musicians. 

Bekah provided the piano accompaniment for one of the choir's songs, "Holly Carol." This is a video of that performance...

Sunday found us enjoying a "sweet" afternoon. The weather was crazy-warm. Ron cooked chicken on the grill, not our typical December fare, but it was good. The children played outside...and there was no need for jackets. But before the children went out and before Kati left for a Christmas party with coworkers, we all enjoyed a seasonal but cool dessert that Kristin brought: a peppermint-fudge ice cream pie! Yum!

After dessert, we all recorded our predictions for the new baby's birth date, weight, and height. Sweet anticipation!!

The sweet ending to our afternoon was Grandy. Chocolate-peppermint candy canes. (Isn't anything better with a little chocolate?)

Did I tell you that our oldest grand is now 13?! 


  1. I am so happy for Bekah! She did a great job! I am a firm believer that God knows - HE KNOWS - just what is going to be happening and just what we NEED! Bekah needed choir!

    The kids grow so fast. Can't believe Gavin is 13 but so is my Sarah and that is unbelievable to me, too!

    I'm excited for this baby girl too! Can't wait to find out her name. Alaine is the same age that Emma was when our Rachel was born. She LOVED being a big sister! It'll be sweet to see Alaine as big sister.

    Love you friend!

  2. Bekah did a beautiful job! Glad she enjoys choir so much. I liked the cup. :-)

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ It looks like you're already off to a good start.


  3. December has been so mild and having chicken on the grill sounds just right. I'm so happy that Ron is up to doing the grilling. What a sweet idea to guess about the baby's birth information. Bekah is a great pianist. I enjoyed her and her choir's Holly Carol. Just lovely . Happy Birthday to Gavin! The grands sure do grow up fast. ♥

  4. Replies
    1. Lost a comment as you probably guessed. It worked out okay as I was able to listen to the choir and Bekah's accomplished playing. Very nice and I hear that the choir has a junior member already cooing right along. =D

      Your chocolate peppermint stick enjoying grandson looks lost in thought. He really favors his grandfather.

      I want to play along, too. So I am suggesting a January 21 birthdate, 7 pounds 2 oz, 21 inches long.

  5. 13! Wow. Bekah's accompaniment was fabulous. I enjoyed my times in choirs.
    That dessert looks delicious. How fun to have a prediction game!

  6. Bekah plays beautifully! Music is an important part of life… a good choice, the choir. The weather is amazing isn't it?

  7. My oldest grandchild turned thirteen this year, too. It doesn't seem possible!

  8. Love the music, and your Bekah is an accomplished pianist. Isn't it good to hear them playing in your home? I was just thinking today that I miss that so much. And one took the piano with her! :D Time just keeps going rather quickly. Yes, the arrival of that little one will be here before you know it! Merry Christmas!

  9. Good for Bekah. I'm glad she was able to enjoy music this year. Playing piano is a wonderful skill.

  10. Absolutely wonderful, Cheryl! Beka did great, when One does what they enjoy, everything else just falls in place! I loved seeing the grand children eyeing the pie, I also enjoy seeing Christmas through the eyes of children!
    Think of you often and always say a prayer!
    Love from me to you,

  11. I can't imagine too many joys greater than choral singing during the Christmas season (unless it would be peppermint pie with chocolate on top) :)

  12. What a sweet post and I am totally jealous of Bekah. I have always wished I could play the piano and Bekah does a fabulous job. And oh my...that dessert! :)


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