As the name of my blog indicates, I spend a lot of time thinking about home. Of course, my Heavenly Home is the one that is eternal, so that’s where I need to lay up my treasures, and that’s the one I’m striving for. But in the meantime, I have been given this tiny piece of the here-and-now—this home on the edge of town, this family, this neighborhood—in which to serve Him. And, though this is in the earthly realm, I want the things that happen here to be investments in the Heavenly realm.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Pineapple House

When we began to consider moving, there was a small list of specifics that we were looking for in a new house...

  • All of the main living spaces to be on one level. (We would consider a two-story if the master bedroom and bathroom were on the ground floor, but we preferred one level.)
  • More than one bathroom.
  • One area large enough to gather with our extended family. This large area could be a living room or a great room or a large country kitchen like we had in The Farmhouse. We just knew we needed some kind of space for Sunday afternoons and holiday dinners and birthday celebrations. 
  • Small-ish yard.
  • A garage or shop or barn for Ron.
  • Charm!

Okay, so maybe charm was not a requirement, but after living in an older home with pretty moldings and quirky spaces and pine floors for thirty-five years, we were hoping to have a wee bit of charm in our new abode. 

I began to explore online real estate listings:, Zillow, Trulia. One of the first houses I saw had this beautiful fireplace wall,

and I was drawn in!

The house actually met most of our criteria. It was all on one level. There were two full bathrooms and a half bathroom. There was a two-and-a-half car garage. It oozed charm! 

But...there were no pictures of the kitchen (did that mean that it was tiny, or in disrepair?) and no mention of a dining room. A space for a table was a must! Was there any large gathering place in this house? 

For weeks, we looked at house after house after house online. Every time we'd go out for appointments (which was often!), we'd drive by one or more of the houses that were for sale. None of them seemed just right. We drove by the one with the lovely fireplace wall and tried to figure out how in the world there could be a gathering space based on what we knew about the other rooms via the online photos. We finally decided that we'd never know whether it would meet our needs unless we simply went to see it for ourselves, so we called and made an appointment with the listed realtor.

On New Year's Eve, we went to see the house. We walked in the back door and there it was...the kitchen, which was not tiny and not in disrepair! And it had charm, including large casement windows that opened into the sun room!

Then we walked into the room we didn't know was there. Not only was there a dining room, but it was large and it opened into a large living room (the one with that wonderful fireplace wall)! There was our gathering space...more than adequate, and also beautiful, with hardwood floors and crown molding and lots of charm!

While Ron chatted with the realtor team about heating and nuts-and-bolts and everything else, we girls took a self-guided tour of the bedrooms, dreaming about which room could be whose.

Then we peeked into one of the bathrooms and my jaw dropped because there on the wall was a wooden pineapple that Ron had made when we were making folk art back in the '80's!

Ron's pineapple

A sign? Perhaps!

Although we did look at some other homes after this, our hearts were captured by this one, and it is the one that we now call home!

Not only does it has every single thing on our search list, it has so much more!

  • It is a very solid, well-built and well-loved home. (We have met the former owners and they have shared details of the thoughtful planning of their father when he remade the bungalow into a rancher to accommodate their growing family.)
  • It has that lovely fireplace that drew me in.
  • The house has lots of natural light, including sidelights (which I love) on either side of the front door. 
  • There is crown molding in every room.
  • I adore a multi-pane picture window...and there is a lovely one in the new living room! ~swoon~
  • Ron and I have a cozy little suite that is separate from the other bedroom area. 
  • There is fourth bedroom that we are going to use as a school room/office. 
  • There is a sun room.
  • There is a finished basement (which the grands are very excited about). 

Our first Sunday afternoon gathering in the new house...

I had to take two photos to get everyone in! (And I'm still not sure that I did...)

Looking through the picture window...the kids playing a game in the sun room.

When my friend Jill learned that we were leaving The Farmhouse, she told me that she was praying that we'd find a house that we would love as much, and that we would have peace about the transition. We think that those prayers were answered. 

We are so grateful for this gift that is beyond our dreams! We pray that the Lord's name might always be glorified here! 


  1. Just an amazing story of God's provision! The fireplace wall--the pineapple (!!!)-- the sun room--the kitchen!!! Your new home is beautiful. I have those same little shelves by my kitchen sink, as did my grandmother and mother! So nice to see your family gathered around the table!

  2. How exciting for you and your family! What a wonderful home and how it does fit your wish list. So cool about the pineapple.

  3. That Pineapple! Wow. What a nice name for your new home, which is a beauty. God is so good. Now I hope you find a new spot for that pineapple or did they take it with them? Leaving with a big old grin on my face.

    1. I forgot to add that the owners sweetly left the pineapple for us...and it is hanging exactly where Miz Elle left it!!

  4. His provision .. how wonderful. how expected of our good good Father.
    i love how He delights in giving us the desires of our hearts as long
    as they align with His own - in His path & timing. what a blessing. :)

  5. Can't wait to visit the pineapple house! It is completely charming! What a gift!

    Provision, indeed!

  6. I've been soo anxious to see your new home...and I was not disappointed. Oh my it is just perfect. And it oozes charm. I love the way the dining room is large and then opens up into the living room. And that fireplace...I can see why it drew you in. And the pineapple? Surely a sign, lol. May you have MANY years of wonderful times in this new place!

  7. Wonderful story of how God loves to surprise and delight his children! The Pineapple House - love it! Enjoy living and loving in your new home.

  8. Oh yippee! I love your pineapple home. That must have been something else to see that pineapple hanging on the wall. It really looks perfect for your family gatherings. I'm bubbling over for God's provision for you and your family. Praize duh Looorrd as my pop would say with his Russian accent! Roll the r's in Lord!

  9. Love love your charming home!! What a blessing. So happy for you all.

  10. Thanks for sharing - beautiful home and story of God's provision!

  11. How perfect, and what a lovely story to accompany it. Did you ever find our how the Pineapple came to be there?

  12. I love your new home too. Glad you're settled and so content. Enjoy!

  13. This is such a delightful post! The pineapple, a symbol of welcome, was just the perfect sign and to think that it is one that Ron made years ago - this gives me goosebumps!!! I believe that you could make any house a home but so glad you found one you love!

  14. Oh my goodness! God works in mysterious ways and that pineapple of Ron's was no coincidence and I love it that you named your place Pineapple House.

    It is so wonderful for you and your family. I love it.

    Yay Jesus for being such and awesome, caring God.


  15. Wow! What an awesome story! Our God is so good. He delights to give His children the desires of our heart. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

  16. How beautiful! This increases my faith to wait/pray/trust for OUR future home. We, too, are looking for similar things (maybe not quite as big as you found)...small yard, separate master suite, a couple more bedrooms, one level, comfortably-sized living/gathering room, and LIGHT. SO happy for you! Your family looks perfect in it.

  17. Oh Cheryl, how lovely your pineapple home is! I had chills reading about how God provided a new home for your family. Thank you for always sharing what's important. I'm so happy to read that Ron's pineapple was left as a reminder of God's provision.
    Blessings to you all in your new home! ♥

  18. Beautufil new home--happy you found one that meets your needs and desires of your heart. I'd say some prayers have been answered. Anxious to see how you will decorate in the weeks ahead. Blessings, Sharon D.

  19. Lots of good luck! It is quite charming and plenty of space! Hoping Kati does a post on her new bedroom.

  20. What a wonderful house. It had to be a "God-thing" for the pineapple to be there. Hope it is in a great neighborhood, as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your new home and the yard also. The front is very pretty. Happy for you! ~Nancy, in Georgia

  21. What an amazing story! Especially the pineapple part, I LOVE that. I think that was definitely a sign from above. =) Hope you make tons of wonderful memories in this beautiful new space! I'm swooning over your fireplace wall too!

  22. What a special gift from our loving Father, who loves to bless his children! So happy for you all. We ended up in Dover, so not as close as we originally thought. I will email you soon, and maybe we could get together sometime.

  23. P.S. Your new home is gorgeous!

  24. Oh Cheryl, I am just beyond thrilled for you! When you first announced that you were selling your lovely farmhouse, I have to admit I was a little sad that you would be leaving such a beautiful place and leaving all of those memories behind. Your new home is so very lovely and from the photos I see, it looks like you have lived there for YEARS! It looks so homey and everything seems to be in it's place already! How did you do that so quickly?? Are you really Superwoman in disguise? What a HUGE blessing the Lord has given you. Can't wait to see more! Hugs to you and your family!

  25. Oh, I forgot to mention the pineapple...ONLY GOD! :)

  26. Cheryl, it's wonderful that you found such a perfect place for your family! How far is it from your old home? I hope you'll all be happy in it for the next 35 years!

  27. Okay, I totally agree with Debby Ray - only GOD! That pineapple on the wall choked me up. And at first I thought the realtor wasn't on the ball for not showing the kitchen in the online photos...until I started thinking...How amazing is our God, how generous and loving and kind. He is truly all we need, but he still loves to shower on his children gifts aplenty with which to nudge us to praise him once again. xo


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