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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pineapple House | Bekah's Room

It was last September when we painted the girls' rooms. Shortly after, I showed you Kati's room at Pineapple House. She had begun planning her new room weeks before we moved in and everything was already in place. The fresh paint simply completed it.

Bekah, on the other hand, works more like her mama. Slow and steady. 

Her room was a total change from her old room in style and color, and she was also working with some new (to her) furniture pieces, so it took a while to develop her plan. She slowly added and Pinned and tweaked and took away. Decorating is a process!

Over this year, she has learned what her style is. She is becoming more confident in her choices and more at home with what she really loves.

Here is Bekah's new room . . . 

Just to the left of her closet door, she created a small gallery wall. When we cleaned out the attic of The Farmhouse before we moved, Bekah claimed the antique mirror as well as the little demilune table.

On our last day at The Farmhouse, Bekah took snippets of several plants that she loved, brought them here, and pressed them. She later made this framed collage of Farmhouse specimens, remembrances from her childhood.

The Ikea chair that she has had since age 9 is still a cozy place to read. Some day, a new chair could replace it, but until then . . .

Bek found this pair of pillows that coordinated with her new color scheme for $3.00 each in a local antique store. She only bought one until she could see if it would hold up in the wash (must be washed!). It did, so we went back to get the other. 

Her second rug from Rugs USA. The first one went back. (Not the right color.)

I knew that Bekah had been looking for a piecrust table, so for Christmas Ron and I decided to give her money towards the purchase of one. Who knew that she already knew the one she wanted . . . and that the amount of money we gave her was the exact cost of that one? Not us! On December 26th, off we went to the antique store, hoping that "her" table was still there. It was! 

Do you remember my Aunt Lynn's highboy that I wasn't sure what to do with? (I even considered painting it, causing a collective cringe from many Thinking About Home readers. 😮)

Well, Bekah knew what to do with it.

This is Pinky's furniture. 🐈

This room is a bit like a bride: something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

The "something borrowed" is her bed, a family piece that actually belongs to my sister who does not have a place to use it in her current home. It is one of a pair. I have known "the twin beds" all of my life, first in my great-aunt's house, then in my aunt's, and I have slept in one many times. Before that, they were at my great-grandparents' house (the ones who owned this house). My mom remembers sleeping in them as a child.

Ron made the night table for her room at The Farmhouse. It started out seafoam green, but Bekah painted it this shade of periwinkle for her new room. 

Bekah is still tweaking the art work in her room. She has framed a couple of old maps, but she would like to add more color, so she is planning to add some botanical prints to her walls.

Bekah's favorite piece in her bedroom is this family heirloom. It was my great-grandfather's (her great-great-grandfather's) desk and it too has been passed down through the generations. It is such a handsome, yet graceful, piece.

Although Bekah was sad to leave her room at The Farmhouse, I think she has done a beautiful job creating her own space here at Pineapple House!  

(A look through the years . . . Bekah's room at the Farmhouse . . . 201020132015.)


  1. Beautiful, I love the desk too. What a blessing to be able to pass down such a beautiful heirloom and that her table was there for her when the funds were available. Love your style

  2. It looks a very chic room, with so many related colour accents. Clever girl!

  3. Its beautiful and a grown up room. The blue and white suits her, and the antiques! What lovely heirloom pieces she has! That desk! And the highboy! Perfect home for it!

  4. absolutely lovely .. through and through.
    anyone would be oh so happy spending time
    in such a room .. thankful that someone
    is your daughter. excellent taste.

  5. Oh Cheryl, Bekah's room is just beautiful. Being a lover of traditional furnishings, this is right up my alley! Each piece is so lovely. I'm so glad the highboy found a pretty home. Bekah's great-great grandfather's secretary is gorgeous--what a treasure for her to have! As well as the beautiful bed. The piecrust table is perfect! I'm so glad it waited for her at the antique shop as well as the blue pillow. I could go on and on...Well done, Bekah, it was worth planning and waiting for just the right pieces. ♥

  6. Oh...that Bekah is a girl after my own heart. I love everything about it, especially the framed botanicals from the Farmhouse. I have two little tables just like the one next to the closet...we bought them at a flea market when we had our cabin. The room looks so cozy and inviting...she certainly has a great eye for putting a room together!

  7. Wow, Bekah's room looks very chic and adult and clean and gorgeous! I love it that she pressed and framed plants from the other place. Wonderful idea! AND I love it that she has that map. I'm a huge map fan. I wish I could say that my room looked like that when I was young, but my mother was always telling me to clean it or mice would take up residence. LOL You'll be glad to know that I've improved. But tell Bekah that she has excellent taste! Lovely room.

  8. Bekah's room is absolutely beautiful. I love, love the carpet, her colour choices, the antiques, the sentimental pressed flowers, and that gorgeous heirloom highboy! Wow - she did a fabulous job.

  9. Oh I do, too. What a lovely room...classic and elegant. Well done, Bekah! And thank you for taking the High Boy!! 💕

  10. Bekah's room is simply lovely, serene, and artistically organized. I love that she appreciates family heirlooms and knows what to do with them. She appreciates the past but knows the present too! And she is following in her mother's tradition of graceful decorating and love of home. It shines through in her room.

  11. I see and appreciate that much thought went into the furnishing and accessorizing of Bekah's room. What a fine result - crisp, elegant, serene.

  12. Beautiful! I love all the little topiary touches too!

  13. She has done a beautiful job with her new room. I like it. I didn't know those tables were called piecrust tables. I learned something new. If the edges aren't scalloped are they still piecrust tables? I have an un-scalloped one from some dear spinster widows from the Russian Baptist church.

  14. Bekah's room is beautiful! I would love to have a room like that. Such a nice mix of old and new.

  15. Oh my gosh, Bekah has done a wonderful job creating her beautiful and peace filled bedroom. I love it.


  16. Beautiful!!!~tammy

  17. I lovelovelove Bekah's room! I could be so happy in that room - don't ever let guests stay in there; they'll never want to leave!

  18. Love Bekah's new room. So glad you didn't paint the's perfect in her room as
    Is the beautiful desk..what a treasure, Blessings, Sharon D.

  19. What a beautiful room! How nice that you have taught your daughters how to "decorate" a room, what a gift that is for them in their future homes. Love that you have so many inherited family pieces, that is precious. She did a great job on the dried flowers from your old Farmhouse. Thank you for sharing.

  20. What a sweetly old-fashioned room. Bekah has great taste. Slow and steady often has great results.

  21. What a grown up room with some great pieces in it. Very pretty. Bekah has done a great job in bringing in what she likes.


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