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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Pumpkin Recipe Roundup

Pumpkin: the quintessential autumn flavor! At least, it seems to be a favorite here at Thinking About Home based on the number of pumpkin recipes I have shared over the years. 

If pumpkin is your cup of tea too. . . and in case you have not made all the things yet this fall . . . I'm providing you with a little pumpkin inspiration here today. 

Perfect with your afternoon tea (or a cup of coffee if you're me).

A show stopper of a dessert with a pumpkin filling!

For slathering on toast or biscuits. Easy peasy recipe!

Really easy, creamy dessert. You can whip this up in a flash!

The photo does not do it justice. My favorite pumpkin bread. I like it with chocolate chips. (Of course I do.)

Breakfast comfort food. 

When you want something tiny and cute. And yummy.

Autumn is not complete until we have pumpkin waffles for supper!

The second time I made this, I used the adaptations in my notes at the bottom of the recipe. I liked it lots better!

I couldn't leave this one out. It is actually Kati's recipe (and her photo), but it is a regular here at our house. Soooo good!

Happy pumpkining, everyone!!


  1. Well I need look no further than those pumpkin scones! I love scones, and I think a pumpkin scone in this cold, snowy weather just might cheer me up! :-)

    1. Oh, Judy! Winter has arrived in your corner, hasn't it? Cold weather is a great reason to treat yourself to a scone!

  2. Thanks for all the yummy pumpkin recipes - I saved several of them to use!

  3. Such a great roundup! Thanks for sharing all these great recipes, Cheryl!

  4. I like having all of your favorite pumpkin recipes in one place, Cheryl. Like Judy--pumpkin scones sound wonderful to me! I'll also take the pumpkin bread with chocolate chips, please. ♥

    1. Baking pumpkin bread with chocolate chips is on my agenda this afternoon!

  5. Replies
    1. I love scones! I made the pumpkin spice scones twice last year, but not yet this fall. I guess I have a couple more weeks to fit it in . . .

  6. These scones look delicious! The other recipes look great too!

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  7. Lindas imagens e tudo deve ser delicioso. Feliz semana. Cumprimentos.


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