As the name of my blog indicates, I spend a lot of time thinking about home. Of course, my Heavenly Home is the one that is eternal, so that’s where I need to lay up my treasures, and that’s the one I’m striving for. But in the meantime, I have been given this tiny piece of the here-and-now—this home on the edge of town, this family, this neighborhood—in which to serve Him. And, though this is in the earthly realm, I want the things that happen here to be investments in the Heavenly realm.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Trying to Drink My Frappuccino

Oh no. Mom has her camera out in Starbucks again.

Puh-lease, Mom...I don't want my picture taken.

Okay, maybe if I just smile pretty, she'll put the camera away.

And she did.


  1. I have a blog award for you come pick it up :)
    on my blog

  2. cute stuff!

    i wouldn't put that frap down -either for a pic! i drink those things way too fast. they are so good.

    hope you all are well!
    school is almost out for summer!!!
    many blessings~


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