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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The New Kitchen {Finally!}

If you have remained interested in this "Diary of a Whim" that began back in November, I am amazed! Who knew that it would take nearly seven months from the beginning to the end of the project? Technically though, a good part of the seven months was thinking and planning. The actual work did not begin until mid-April, which really makes it more like seven weeks. (And as long as that has seemed, it pales in comparison to the kitchen remodel that we did in 1996. That whole process gives me the willies to this day. It even included a reptile. But that's another story.)

So here it is...the finished project!

As you know, we did the remodel project in two phases.  Phase One was the painting of the kitchen cabinets.     Phase Two included the installation of the farmhouse sink, wood counter top, beadboard backsplash, and new lighting.  I will show you pictures of the kitchen Before, Between (after the completion of Phase One), and After (at the end of Phase Two).

Starting at the left...

...on to the front view (looking from the eating/sitting area)...

...and on to the right.

Here are a few more views...

From this perspective, you can see that this part of the kitchen was once a porch.  An old house is full of interesting angles and quirks.

A close-up of the sink.  I love this sink.  It is so farmhouse-y...and big.  (When he saw it, my dad said that a person could take a bath in it!)

A cozy corner...

Close-ups of the butcher block counter top and the beadboard backsplash.

And this is a trivet that I found in the back of a cupboard during the remodel.  I have no recollection of where I got it or how long I've had it.  It could be something I picked up in an antique shop or at a yard sale, or it could be a family piece.  But regardless, I decided to clean it up and make it a part of the new kitchen.

At the end of the photo shoot, Kati made us some celebratory iced coffee.

We know how to celebrate!  
(Thanks for celebrating with us, friends!)

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  1. It is marvelous! Really. It belongs on the cover of a magazine. I'm so in love with the color you chose, the wood countertops, the apron front sink, and all the cozy details. How sweet finding that trivet that sums everything up so beautifully. You gals must be loving it. Your hubby did a wonderful job with everything as did the entire team!

    (So glad that Blogger shaped up for you. ☺)

  2. Congratulations! The new color, sink and counter top looks awesome! All your hard work is reflected here and it's gorgeous!

  3. Looks Great You have that touch,it sure looks warm and inviting.

  4. You must be thrilled with your new kitchen...and yes, it does look like something from a Country Homes magazine!

  5. It looks great and really goes with the rest of your house! You do have a way to make everything look warm and cozy:)

  6. I love, love the color of the cabinets and that big farmhouse sink!

  7. I love it!!!!

    I just saw a color like that in Country Living Magazine! It's great!

    Interesting that it used to be a porch...I wondered about the depth of it but with that beautiful large opening it is a good size, and yet separate from the dining room!

    I love the warmth the wood counters add but my absolute favorite thing? You know it's the farmhouse sink! I have wanted one for years!

    Thanks for persevering in showing us!


  8. Cheryl, I feel so honored to have seen your beautiful "new" kitchen with my own eyes. Your photos do a wonderful job of showing the beauty, but there's nothing like standing in front of that sink and those countertops and being able to reach out and touch them. The kitchen is often very much the heart of the home, so to refresh and beautify it only aids in refreshing and beautifying your own hearts each time you step into that gorgeous space. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. It's been fun traveling it with you in spirit.

  9. What can I say? Vee summed it up perfectly. I'm off now to my drab kitchen that hasn't seen new paint in 14 years because I'm too lazy to do it! I didn't think I was lazy but this morning I'm sure of it. ;)

    It really is so beautiful. Everything just right, and the light fixture? LOVE. You all definitely earned the iced coffee! Enjoy.

    :), Debbie

  10. Well Cheryl, I am so glad to see the final result, and I am so happy to say how beautiful everything is. I am drooling over the farmhouse sink, it is tops on my wish list, and since I am in need of new counter tops, and don't know which way to go, I hope you will keep me informed on how well you like the wood countertops. I am hoping to have something done within the next year, but the outdoor projects, which btw are not complete have kept us so busy and I might add a little burned out on remodeling. lol I will start the planning which is always the fun part, and watching for results on your counter top.
    Seeing the change of what paint can do to wood is so amazing, I am still motivated to paint our oak cabinets, just have to do a little convincing to dh. I truly love the color you chose for the cabinets. A job well done by all.
    "Enjoy", "Enjoy', "Enjoy".

  11. I love your kitchen! I like the simple, primitive/colonial look. I painted our kitchen cabinets red. Love your wood floor and the wood countertops too. Beautiful job!


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