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Friday, January 25, 2013

Hot Chocolate Bar {Farmhouse Style}

Usually, I put our tea tray on the kitchen counter for easy access and a cozy look during the winter months.  But this year as we were putting away our Christmas decorations and tweaking the house, Bekah suggested that we make a hot chocolate bar instead.  I really love when my children take an interest in house-y things (and we will make it a point to find the tea supplies no matter where they are located), so I agreed to take Bekah's suggestion and try something new.  

Here's our version of a hot chocolate bar...

We put some flavored hot chocolate mixes - raspberry, caramel, mint - in a pottery bowl (hand crafted by my talented friend Tamara).  

We filled an old canning jar with homemade hot chocolate mix. (Kati has been making this up, adapting a recipe that Lorrie shared on her blog Fabric Paper Thread.) We filled another jar with mini marshmallows.

We added a few more goodies, like the wonderful hot chocolate candle, some pink hot chocolate mix given to Bekah by her Gammy, and the crock of heirloom silver spoons with the mysterious monograms.

We've had some c-o-l-d days lately, and our farmhouse-y hot chocolate bar has been busy!

What is your hot beverage of choice on a cold winter's day?


  1. All you need is a wee jar of starlight mints or some left-over candy canes for those who enjoy mint in their hot chocolate. (I do. I do.)

    Such a clever idea Bekah had!

  2. A very clever idea indeed, I prefer hot chocolate, but drink more tea (having to watch calories). Your girls are so special, they have a loving example!

  3. I lovee the hot cocoa bar. I wish I had a little bit more counter top to set one up here. I use the hot cocoa K-cups in my Keurig, but every once in a while I make a "real" cup of hot cocoa. I think one is due with this weather! xo

  4. Great idea, Cheryl! Tell Bekah I approve!
    Might just set one up near the wood stove, and keep a full tea kettle there... Bring on the snow!

    Kim :-)

  5. I LOVE that hot chocolate bar! Too bad I drank tea! I should have had some of Kati's cocoa!


  6. Love this and had to go back to read about your spoons. Gee, are you sure we aren't related? :-) Hope you have a good weekend, and enjoy a cup of your hot chocolate! Your kids did good!

  7. Great idea! It's been so cold these last few chocolate sounds great! I like mine with a peppermint stick.... :-)

  8. I love the pottery bowl. Is that Tamara Brewer that makes those? Does she sell them? I have been looking for a few pottery bowls- I'd rather purchase from someone I know- helps us both!


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