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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bekah's Freshened-Up Room

After our Saturday Morning Chat last week, I had a couple of requests to see Bekah's updated room.  I waited for a sunny day to photograph her space, which meant that I had to wait for days, and even so, it was a sunny couple of hours in between rain showers.  

I had told you that Bekah was unsure as to whether she liked the changes. Well, it's all growing on her and she's feeling more at home...although she still may flip that duvet back over come autumn. ~smile~

There are pictures of the "old" room in ~this~ post.  Since then, we replaced the quilt with a duvet and a Shabby Chic cover purchased on sale at (can you guess?) Target. We used the floral side until last week when we did the room updates.  (As an aside, I had to talk Bekah into the duvet when the quilt was worn to a frazzle. She really wanted to keep the quilt. But when we started talking about getting something different, all of a sudden she loved the duvet. The girl just does not like change.)  

The colors are a little off in the left photo; the true colors are more like those on the right.

Here is the "new" room!  

The inspiration came from the banner I had made for Bekah's birthday party.  She chose all the colors, so I knew that she liked them. When we were putting her room back together after the big clean-out, I thought of the banner, then thought of reversing the duvet to the striped side and...voilà!  

If in your little tour of Bekah's room you thought you saw some black cats, you would be right. Some are faux.  One is not. 

Pinky kind of thinks that it is her room too. 

If you stuck it out all the way to the end, then you must be a 'house-y things' kind of person too! Thanks for taking the tour!  

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  1. It really came out beautifully - kind of shows the transitioning of a "little girl" into quite a "young lady". The banner worked in great! And yes, I AM a hous-y sort of person :) I enjoyed the tour.

  2. I don't know what the "before" was like (the link didn't work for me) but the "after" is quite beautiful. There are so many little touches that appeal but I think my favorite is the sitting area with the throw and soft rug. Perfect for anyone who wants to curl up and read or just relax in solitude. Great job, ladies!

  3. Bekah's room is lovely and charming, just like Bekah. (I can tell these things just by reading your posts!) Love the books, and touches of Paris, and Pinky! She loves to hang out in a room the same as her name. xo

  4. LOVE IT!

    Of course I loved it before as well. I think it's obvious why Pinky likes this room so much. Smart Kitty.

    I love how neat she is! Sarah's getting there...


  5. Love it, Bekah! It looks very grown up! And I'll bet Pinky likes the faux-cats... She can blend right in!


  6. I love how her (not-huge) room has so many little spaces and details that make it personal. Great job! And we'd love for you to link up next Friday ;)

  7. I love her sweet room! Can I come spend the night?

  8. Oh I thought I had left a comment here. Add me to the list of those who think it is a darling do-over and I especially like the banner!

  9. I love it! It is so pretty, fresh and feminine....such a sweet haven.

  10. A lovely room! A big thank you to Bekah and her mother for the Grand Tour!

  11. Very nice! Dollygirl liked the dolls and horses.

  12. Very cute! It looks simple, but has a lot of very cool layers. How long did it stay clean? ;)
    Visiting from Beneath My Heart!


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