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Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Personal Photo Challenge {Windows and Doors}

A Personal Photo Challenge

So when you're in Photography Kindergarten and someone in Photography College invites you to hang your photos on the wall for all to see, you can either go and hide in the cloakroom, OR you can gingerly paste your photo on the wall and try to learn something. This month, I have decided to go with the latter plan. The topic "windows and doors" is one that appeals to me...and it's time to move from Kindergarten to 1st Grade. So here I am, definitely challenged, but hoping to learn a little something in the process.

The first photo is one from my archives.  It first appeared on my blog in this post...and it reappeared in one of Vee's note card parties.  It is a favorite of mine, the view from my kitchen window with bright red geraniums peering in from the window box.

For the photo challenge, I edited the picture by increasing the saturation and brightening the colors just a bit to enhance the outside light.  This photo was taken with my point and shoot camera, a Canon PowerShot.

My second photo was taken just last month on our 35th anniversary getaway.

I was already thinking ahead to this photo challenge as we strolled about the town, so I was snapping pictures of windows and doors galore!  This one is my favorite. I love colonial architecture, I adore a transom window, and I was taken with the color contrast of the sage clapboard and the blue door. (I'd also take those lights home with me in a heartbeat.)

After cropping the image for focus, I added a bit of shadow for contrast and brightened the color a tad. (How do you like these technical terms? ~smile~)  This photo was taken with my Canon Rebel T3, using an 18-55 mm lens. Quite honestly, it is the only lens I have used in the 18 months that I have had this camera, as I hardly know which to use when. I just stick with this basic one. (Didn't I tell you I was in Photography Kindergarten?)

There you have tentative steps towards 1st Grade. I guess now I need to do my homework!

Thank you, Donna, for being a gracious and welcoming hostess for your Personal Photo Challenge!


  1. Welcome to the photo challenge! I am so glad that you were brave enough to tiptoe into class. We only learn by doing and studying, right? Besides, think of what a positive example this is for your children and grandchildren - to be brave and venture forth on a learning path.

    "Begin, be bold and venture to be wise." ~Horace

    Now to the photos. You've done a terrific job! I am personally a big fan of the direct, head-on framing of a subject. And the kitchen window certainly falls in that category. It shows very clearly what a beautiful scene you can see when you stand at your kitchen sink. And the wreath echoes the nature them too. The saturation boost was a good choice.

    And the vivid blue door commands the attention that it deserves. Wonderful framing to include the twin light fixtures, some detail of the metal railings, and a tall rose plant in the foreground to balance off the composition. Lovely processing too.

    1st grade? Hardly! You're way past that. Bravo!

  2. I meant to say nature "theme" above. Sorry, my brain is working better than my fingers at the moment.

  3. Wonderful! I love atmospheric and dramatic, which is what I see in your kitchen window. The door color, clapboard color, and light fixtures all work together to create a really artsy photo. You are no kindergartener!

  4. Very very nice. You did a great job on the blue door! ☺

  5. Oh you definitely passed first grade, and at the head of the class, Cheryl! Love both these photos. xo

  6. I always love a beautiful view out the kitchen window! How lovely! And a blue door is always a pretty sight! Great job on the challenge! Hugs!

  7. This Photo Challenge is a safe place for all of us shutterbugs, experienced or not. Welcome! I like both your photos. :)

  8. A nice view through your kitchen window and the blue door is lovely. The handle must be very low, I think I see it behind the flowers.

  9. Great job on these. My favorite is the door. Greta composition. As Donna said, you are way past kindergarten.

  10. I think your photos and edits are great Cheryl. I love that green house and blue door with the transom. Beautiful! Pamela

  11. Wonderful shots. So glad you've joined in. Love the blue door (but then I'm partial to blue.) The view from your kitchen window is lovely. What a great idea to capture that which we see every day for considerable hours.

  12. Hello Cheryl
    I really love the first photo of the kitchen window - I think it makes a beautiful note card too!!
    The blue door is lovely too!
    I've only just done my post - running late!

  13. Many of us love our kitchen window images - guess because we spend a lot of time looking through the glass and seeing the odds and ends of life. Your window is lovely, and much like mine - so I know you enjoy it!

    The Aubusson blue on the door is one of my favorite colors - unusual with green siding but pretty. Including the pink roses and a snippet of the bricks made it colorful - your editing added a timelessness to the scene and brought out the worn paint which adds charm. Love it.

    Happy week - glad you joined in. See you next time I hope.


  14. Wonderful images! You've done well. As Mary says, who doesn't love a kitchen window! And you framed them well. And then to the blue door against the green with the touch of pink!---gorgeous!

  15. I think you did a great job and I especially like the flowers in both pictures!


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