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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Making It New Monday {The Herb Garden}

I know it's not Monday (even though Ron is off from work this week and one can get the days mixed up when the routine is altered). But I am joining my dear friend Joanne with her link-up "Make It New Monday", and as her link is open all week, I am jumping in on a Wednesday!

Once upon a time, there was an herb garden just outside our back door...

with lovely herbs for cutting, for cooking.

Then came the Winter of 2014. Which left this...

It was time to make it new!

Ron and I headed off to Lowes in search of some new plants to replace the ones that didn't survive The Winter of 2014. 

And now, we have this...

An herb garden filled with baby plants and potential. 

Do you like to make things new? Adapt a recipe to meet your family's preferences? Remake old clothing into something snazzy? Rework an idea to make it your own? Then maybe you'd like to pop over to Joanne's at My Not-So-Empty Nest on the first Monday of each get some inspiration or to link up your own project!

My Not-So-Empty Nest


  1. The winter of 2014 will be known as the killer of herbs. But the sprig of 2014 will be remembered for NEW LIFE in the herb garden! Thanks for linking up, Cheryl! <3

  2. I really loved Joanne's last post with her new gym room. That was pretty amazing.

    Your kitchen garden is beautiful! Love the brick pavers. May 2014 go down in the history books as the worst winter of the decade.

    I have found that I don't enjoy stooping to harvest herbs so I am hoping to have a railing planter just outside my kitchen door (ahem) where I can grab things quickly. There'll be no planting of such herbs before Memorial Day here.

  3. The garden looks fresh and new! I'm about to go mow the grass and when it is so lush in the spring I feel like it has become fresh and new again. I enjoyed seeing your Sunday activities. Isn't it amazing how kids just know the time to come inside for something?!!

  4. Looking REALLY good over there...and won't that be wonderful in the months ahead! ENJOY!

  5. I LOVE it! (Just stepped outside for the first time since my hip surgery. Saw SO much to do.)

  6. I know you were sad about the loss of your herbs due to this horrible winter, but it looks really wonderful!


  7. Beautiful herb garden Cheryl, I have been working in mine too lately, oddly enough some of mine survived our harsh winter, and are now ready to harvest. It is very early to be harvesting around here, but this makes me happy
    Happy spring gardening to you.

  8. What a great spot and I love all those fabulous bricks. What a great look. I recently planted more rosemary and mint in my front bed. Hopefully they will take off soon.

  9. I just walked out to view the damage to our herb garden today. It is going to be interesting to see what survived.

    I was going to switch the thyme and chives, anyway, and begin new plants in another raised bed so that would not be a problem and I doubt anything can kill the apple mint.

    But I just planted lovage and bee balm last year so they did not have deep toots. It would be my second attempt at lovage if it doesn't work (the last one being the summer of the big drought).

  10. It's wonderful, Cheryl!
    I've always dreamed of an herb garden right outside the kitchen door.
    If you're like me, you're peeking at it all day, and imagining it in your mind's eye when you're not!

  11. It's so nice to have a herb garden. We are in the process of replacing herbs that were killed by winter burn in our garden. You have such a lovely bricked area with your herb garden in the center. ♥

  12. Your herb garden is full of promise. How lucky that you can plant tender herbs such as basil already. Not until the end of May here.

  13. Your herb garden is beautiful! How I would love to have one that large. The only herb that survived the winter in my herb box is the chives. NOTHING seems to kill chives. Thanks for telling me about Lowe's. I'll head over there this weekend to replace my plants.


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