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Friday, June 10, 2016

Five on Friday | Summering

If you've been here with me for very long, you already know that summer is not my favorite as I don't like the heat and humidity that typify a Mid-Atlantic summer. Nevertheless, I find plenty of things to love about summer and this week I have been trying to summer my house up a bit.

Find of the week: this summer-themed Warren Kimble mug found in a local antique store for a dollar!
(Love Warren Kimble!!)

On the same stroll through the antique store, I found Susan Branch's The Summer Book
I fell in love with her Autumn book years ago (because autumn IS my favorite!), so I happily added this one to my library.

Geraniums on my front stoop say summer.

A starfish on the sun room table says summer too!

Who doesn't enjoy the flavors of summer? Mmmmm...

Are you summering yet?

I am linking to Five on Friday again this week.
Thanks, Amy, for hosting!


  1. I'm like you, Cheryl, summer is not my favorite. Neither is winter. I don't do well in either extreme---hot or cold. I prefer middle of the road temps in spring and autumn. I often joke that my temperature comfort zone is about 30 degrees---from 45 to 75.

    I adore Susan Branch's books. They're so much fun.

    Your bowl of fruit looks delicious and refreshing. I'll be right

    Patti @ Embracing Home

  2. You found treasure!
    I'm not a 'summer' person, as you know, but I do love some things about it - swimming, fresh fruit, grilling, enjoying beautiful days like today.

    Heat and humidity - bleh.

  3. My favourite seasons are Autumn and Spring. I love being able to not have heat or air conditioning on, just a gentle breeze coming through open windows. I do love the fresh food available in Summer. The berries will be coming into season soon. Love them!

  4. I'm with you on summer not being a favorite but I can appreciate the carefree part of it. Summer fruit is one of the things I like about summer most, especially nectarines. Fun mug. I think I might have some plates that are Warren Kimble. I'll have to check after my basement dwellers move out. (They are living in my plate storage room) Hope you have a lovely weekend enjoying your touches of summer. Blessings...

  5. 5 wonderful hints of summer, I am particularly drawn to the summer fruits always so refreshing. Summer hasn't quite reached my little corner of the world it is still feeling a tad cool.

  6. You'd think I enjoy summer more living where I do in So California but I really don't. It seems to get hotter every year. We haven't hit too hot of weather yet though and I am definitely enjoying it, cuz I know it's coming. I love the summer fruits too, and the LONG day light hours and the 4th of July, and my grandkids being out of school so they can come and hang out with me. So plenty to find, lol LOVE your sun room. Enjoy your week-end!

  7. Lovely moments of summer!! Your new mug is very pretty and I do so enjoy seeing pots of geraniums, they are one of my favourites!! Hope that yours do really well for you! Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday. I hope you have a great weekend! xx

  8. All of your items speak of summer and will add to your enjoyment of the days ahead. Susan Branch's "The Summer Book" resides in my kitchen for reference. And that lovely bowl of fruit is making my mouth water. Along with those lovely geraniums, I'm sure your days ahead will be more tolerable. ♥

  9. Oh my! That's what summer looks like. No, we are not summering yet. It has been so cold that it feels like mid-autumn. The heat is even on.

  10. I love 3 seasons of the year, Spring Summer and Fall. Find Winter difficult at times. Yes,I know that not vety Canadian of me.
    Enjoyed your pictures.Thanks for sharing.

  11. I am! It's not 100 degrees yet so I'm outside morning and evening enjoying our gazebo! Fall is my favorite season and summer my LEAST favorite! Still, it's not too bad here in Texas......yet!
    Loved all your fabulous finds!

  12. Boy! Are we summering! The temps have been in the 90's and are here to stay for awhile. Unfortunately we aren't getting the rain we need and the area farmers need plenty of prayer for the corn. Between the heat and the bugs we are pretty much staying in between water sprinkler moves :D

  13. Only today did I start simmering - but can't complain as we just returned home after 5 beautiful days in KY. Near perfect weather!

    I like how you're finding the positives in the middle of heat & humidity! Keep it up :)

  14. Summer is not my favorite either, the humidity down here in Georgia is pretty awful. But I do like your photos.

  15. Love your new home! Susan Branch has a YouTube channel with snippets of her Cape Cod home.....LOVE!!

  16. It is definitely summer and that means I enter hibernation mode! Ugh! Love your "new" Warren Kimball mug. I love folk art. I always check out the used book stores for anything by Susan Branch -- another wonderful find. I'm enjoying one of my favorite fruits of summer: peaches. I'll eat my fair share before the season is over. Hope your week is full of fun adventures!

  17. Love your five focused on summer…and that you found joy in small things.

  18. Summer is not my favorite either...I am already looking forward to autumn :) LOL

  19. Actually avoid summer as much as possible by staying in and decorating for Fall right after the 4th of July. Enjoyed your five immensely. Just started reading Susan Branch's blog a few months back and loved her so much I added her to my bloglist. I'll be looking for her books while thrifting now. Hope I'm as lucky as you.

  20. We are summering over here too, and enjoying it so much, your fruit salad looks delicious


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