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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Diary of a Whim {continued}

For the background story, read...

Diary of a Whim {Part 1} which I decide to paint my kitchen cabinets.

Picture from November

I (mostly) forget about the painting project.   

We attempt to settle into our post holiday routine.  I still need to choose a paint color.  I am interested in Pratt & Lambert's Williamsburg® line, but the nearest store is more than an hour's drive away, and I never get around to making the trip. 

Then on a Sunday evening, on the way home from an afternoon spent at Kristin's house, we dash into Walmart for a few items.  We pick up some light bulbs, and then Ron starts looking around the hardware stuff and there is nothing that we girls wish to look at there.  Bekah suggests that we look at their paint chips (love how my girls get excited about home projects with me!).  "At Walmart?," I am thinking.  "They don't even have that many choices."  But since I don't really want to look at switches and wiring and by now I don't even see Ron, we meander over to the paint display. 

Surprise!  I see a chip that looks an awfully lot like the grayish green Williamsburg-y color that I want.  I come home with light bulbs and salad and bread and a paint chip. 

I get out the paint chips that I had put away before Thanksgiving (only the ones that had made the original cut), add the new color, tape them all up on the cabinet doors (again), and look at the colors over the next several days, in morning, afternoon, evening, and artificial light.  I believe this is the right color. 

I am still wondering about the Pratt & Lambert Williamsburg® line.  I begin to think about going on the scouting mission to the store that carries it.  I am also considering another (closer) store that my friend Tamara recommends; they also have a line of colonial colors. 

In the meantime, I am reading "I Painted My Kitchen Cabinets" stories on the internet.  I learn of a new paint by Benjamin Moore® called Advance®.  It has a hard, durable finish, and goes well over oil-based paints or pre-finished surfaces.  There is a local paint store that carries Benjamin Moore® paints.  We had used a Benjamin Moore® paint (not Advance®) when we remodeled our bathroom last spring, and were very happy with the quality. 

I bemoan the fact that I was going to start painting in January and I don't even have my paint yet.  Then Ron proposes a new plan.  Why don't I wait until he has a week's vacation in April?  Then we can all work together.  That plan has tremendous appeal!  I have waited this long; I can wait a bit longer to have a whole week dedicated to the project and to have Ron head it up (as he is the experienced painter and he is fast and I. am. slow). 

I talk about planning a look-at-paint-in-other-towns trip.  Ron recommends that I nix that idea.  His thoughts are..."Are you going to make the trip, bring home chips and then go back to purchase?"  and "Aren't you happy with the color that you found?" and "Why not go with the Benjamin Moore® paint when we have been pleased with the paint and can get it locally?" 

Since Ron is now heading up this project and is even talking about replacing our rust-eaten kitchen sink with a farmhouse sink, and our formica countertops with wood (can you see my huge grin?), I again defer to his judgement.

We take our paint chip in to the local paint store, select the Advance® formula, and have the lady mix the color.  (She does an excellent job!)  So now we have this...

Stay tuned...


  1. Sounds like my kind of fun,Cheryl!! My wishes for a successful project.
    Jan Welch

  2. Oh I will, you can count on it. You're doing great...I have been procrastinating for years.

  3. I love your story....that's sorta how things go around here. I am an over thinker -- and then things never get done. I need to refinish my kitchen table, but I keep putting it off because I don't know exactly the best way to do it. Looking forward to seeing those cabinets!

  4. I'm getting excited WITH you! And a new farm-style sink?!? And wood counter-tops?!? Be still my heart!

  5. I am excited for you Cheryl, and oh would I love to have a farmhouse sink and new countertops, plus new color for my cabinets. I will stay tuned! Good luck.
    Enjoy your weekend.


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