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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{31 Days of Hospitality} Day 16 ~ Scented Soaps

Not to Impress, But to Bless

I love to think that my guests will feel a little pampered when they spend time in our home.  One small way that I pamper is by providing a wonderfully scented hand soap at the bathroom sink.  

Just before guests arrive, I do a last minute check of the bathroom, to be sure that it looks clean and tidy, fresh towels are hanging, and a bottle of aromatic soap is on the farmhouse sink.  

It really is a low cost way to pamper.  

Several times a year, Bath & Body Works runs a sale on their hand soaps at five for $15.  Does $3 per bottle still sound like too much?  Well, if the scented soap goes out only when company is expected, it can last for quite a while!

I have also picked up inexpensive soaps at Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Christmas Tree Shop. Our local Walmart carries Mrs. Meyer's hand soaps, which I have purchased a few times.

You know, even a little person can appreciate a special touch.  A few weeks ago it was our family's turn to host our homeschool co-op.  When my grandson Ben (3) washed his hands before lunch, Bekah reports that he closed his eyes and gushed, "Mmmmmmmmm...smells like pears!"  

It is a pleasure to pamper your guests!

Are you getting ready for the party?
Two more days!

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  1. Reminds me of the story of a young woman who tidied her bathroom for guests placing out the nice soap, the fresh, new guest towels and adding a sign saying, "If you touch these, I'll kill you." Of course, that bit was supposed to be for her family so they'd know that the towels were for guests. After her guests had left, she discovered, to her horror, that she'd forgotten to remove the sign! I laugh myself silly every time I think of that.

    No, I do not think that $3 a bottle is too much for the little joy of nice smelling soap. My grandson was most pleased when I added a small polka-dotted folding stool beside the sink. One day I mentioned that he was getting tall enough to reach by himself and he said, "But I still don't like getting water splashed in my face." Ahhh...a child's perspective!

    I am getting ready...trying to anyway.

  2. Yes, Cheryl, I always use scented hand soaps, even just for me! I change out scents with the seasons, and my favorites are the ones from Bath & Body. xo

  3. Oh my! I'm laughing so hard at Vee's comment!
    I like foaming hand soap but it can get quite expensive. One way I make it more economical is to save the "foamer" bottle, put about an inch of regular hand soap in it, add a few squirts of anti-bacterial gel, add water to about an inch from the top, screw on the lid and shake! Easy peasy!

  4. I love scented soaps too! My friend Charlene gave me Bath & Bodyworks' Creamy Pumpkin for my birthday, just in time to use for Fall! They make great gifts for homemakers!

    Soap can be a treat for us too... My Mom splurges on Williams & Sonoma dish soap, which makes washing dishes one of her favorite chores!

  5. Love to give and receive these yummy soaps as gifts too. You know kids are more likely to wash their hands if they like the soap. :)


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