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Monday, October 8, 2012

{31 Days of Hospitality} Day 8 ~ A True Life Story

Not to Impress, But to Bless

Last Thursday, our family was blessed by the warm and welcoming hospitality of my friend Deanna and her precious family.  There was a little something atypical about our visit in their home.  Neither of us had ever met before!  

But that's only partly true.  Deanna and I had met about a year ago...through our blogs!  We began conversing through our blog comments, and over the course of the year we have exchanged many emails and shared encouragement and prayer needs and family stories and a few laughs.  We were kindred spirits, we two.  

So when our family decided to take a little vacation, including several days in Lancaster, I emailed Deanna to see if we could meet.  Yes!  Not only could we meet, but Tim was on vacation the very same week and we were invited to their home...for dinner!  (Oh what gracious hospitality!)  

On Thursday evening, we pulled into the Rabes' driveway (recognizing the lovely cottage garden from Deanna's blog), and as we got out of our van, our friends came out of their house with smiles and greetings.  Deanna greeted me with a warm embrace as she said, "Welcome."  

We felt welcome.  

How those moments flew by!  We gathered around their large table, laden with good things to eat.  Tim prayed a prayer of blessing, and we were off...passing around heaping platters and bowls of food, getting to know one another, exchanging stories, laughing at Kyle (7) who is sooooo cute.  Pie and coffee, more chatting, and before we knew it, it was time for Part Two of the evening, an amazing show at Sight and Sound theater.  (Two of the Rabes work at Sight and Sound and were able to procure tickets for all of us!)  

As the evening drew to a close, we lingered in the parking lot, reluctant to say good-bye to our friends.  

There are lessons to be learned about hospitality in a visit to the Rabes' home.

Their hospitality began as they came out to warmly greet us.

They were genuine.  We did not get the feeling that they were trying to impress.  They were simply being who they are, and extending blessing to us.  

They were relaxed.  Thus, we were relaxed.  (Have you ever visited someone who was nervous about you being there?  Were you able to relax and enjoy the time spent together?  Or were you worried about whether you were meeting their expectations?)  

The entire family worked together to create an atmosphere of service.  Rachel had made the delicious bread.  Tim made the coffee and served us.  Everyone pitched in to clean up.  Sarah made (quiet) Bekah feel welcome and took her on a house tour while Lindsay chatted it up with Kati. 

We felt like honored guests.  

I believe that when the Rabes open their home, it is not to impress, but to bless.

Thank you, friends, for the warm hospitality you extended to us.

*** You can read Deanna's account of our evening by clicking ~here~!


  1. A lovely post about a wonderful time. I am always happy when bloggers get to meet. I also love Lancaster County. I want to get to this theatre one day soon. xo

  2. Cheryl, my dear, dear friend....I have tears.

    Thank you for this beautiful post - my heart is so full of delight and thankfulness.

    It was such a great night for us too. So fun to now 'know' you in 'real' life. Your family is precious and we loved getting to know your girls and Ron too!

    My introvert (Lindsay) enjoyed Kati so much! I loved seeing them chatting away!

    My heart is still full from that night.

    Have a beautiful day!


  3. Such sweetness. What lovely lessons to learn and I do need to learn them. Meeting people has been a huge challenge all my life; meeting people has usually been worth the discomfort, though. Some people sure do it better than others. I'm not surprised that those beautiful Rabes do it so well. Did you know that you made Deanna cry? ☺

  4. What a great happening! What a blessing to make new friends in the Lord!

  5. Cheryl what a wonderful blessing to meet such wonderful friends. It is so awesome when God brings such special people in our lives! Glad you all got to meet and had such a wonderful time together! Precious Memories!

  6. Cheryl,
    What a wonderful experience! I have not known Deanna for long, but her hospitality comes as no surprise.
    We are only about 30-40 minutes from Lancaster. Isn't Sight and Sound fabulous?!
    Lovely post.

  7. Kindred spirits are truly a blessing from the Lord. What a warm and cozy story. So glad you could meet Deanna and her family.

  8. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful experience! It is so nice that reality more than matched internet connection:)

  9. Aw that's my auntie dee! A blessing to so many. She has a beautiful heart.

  10. Such delight in this post. And lessons to be learned as well. Meeting internet friends is something special.

  11. I am not surprised,you both seem like dear dear ladies that love the Lord. In and with Him,all things are possible.You should have a gathering where we could all meet .I know I would drive the distance,this is something special. Blessings dear Lady, Dawn E. Brown

  12. So sweet! Both of your families are beautiful.


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