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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Vacation {The Where}

You're good guessers!

Yes, we visited Ryan and his family in the beautiful state of Maine.  

I have long wanted to see Maine.  Lighthouses, cool summers, rugged coastline. Cedar shake cottages. Sarah, Plain and Tall.  One Morning in Maine.  Blueberries For Sal.  Miss Rumphius. (Perhaps my love for Maine is fueled by children's literature?)

So when Ryan moved to Maine last summer, I looked forward to having an opportunity to visit.  

As we drove through the states of New England, mostly via the interstates, I kept telling my family that I wasn't seeing any Charles Wysocki puzzles.  Just cars and road and trees. (Of course, it didn't help that we were driving through pouring rain.  Even if the "puzzles" could be seen from the interstate, we'd have missed them.)

This is what I wanted to see!

As we got into Maine, even the views from the freeway were a bit more interesting.  You could see water here and there. I saw some cedar cottages when we took a Starbucks exit. I think I could feel the sea.

Over the six days we spent in Maine, we saw some glorious sights!  We visited the town of Bar Harbor (very Charles Wysocki-ish) and Acadia National Park. We did a little hiking. We took some beautiful coastal drives. I saw a lighthouse and the rocky coastline.  Cedar cottages galore. And all in the company of our dear ones!

Here is the part where I show you a gazillion pictures...
and this is only a smattering of the ones we took!  
(Many of these are Kati's shots. Thanks, Kati!)

Oh, the memories that will live in our hearts!


  1. Beautiful photos, looks like it was a great vacation with wonderful memories. xo

  2. Rejoicing with you on this special family time. Thank you for sharing your blessings!

  3. So awesome!

    What a great vacation with your precious family!

    I'd love to spend more time in Maine.


  4. Wonderful photos of a wonderful trip that's sure to be talked about for a long time.

  5. I visited the New England states a few times when I was younger and these pictures make me think that it is time to go again! Ryan has a beautiful family and it looks like they are so happy to be spending time with you all. Great collages!

  6. Love these, and so happy you had a great visit! I have yet to visit anywhere in the northeast, but one of these days....

  7. This brings back memories! The last vacation we took with our boys before they started college was to Maine. We even went camping. Wonderful photos!

  8. Ohhhh! Maine! Of course. Glorious! Love the photos and the fact that you used mosaics to feature more of them. I think you all look right at home in Maine...

  9. It is a very special state, that's for sure! And I'm glad to see another Charles Wysocki fan!


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