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Friday, October 10, 2014

gather. {gift wrap supplies}

Today, I will be gathering supplies for ready gift wrapping. There are several birthdays coming up...not to mention that there will be Christmas gifts to wrap sooner than I'd like to think! 

I'll be wrapping a gift for this little guy today...our adorable grandson Ben who is now six!! 

Do you ever end up with a gazillion different gift bags, only to discover when you go to wrap a gift, that neither one of those gazillion is right? It happens to me all the time! I mean, you have to find the right size for the gift, the right occasion (can't give a kid's birthday gift in a wedding bag). Often, you need a gender specific bag, or an age appropriate one. 

I have tried to come up with a simple solution for the "gazillion gift bags" dilemma. I still have to toss or give away bags from time to time, but my system usually ensures that I will have the right supplies to wrap any gift without a last minute trip to buy a gift bag or wrapping paper. 

Here's what I gather...

A big roll of plain brown mailing paper. 

In my travels, if I see other variations on the brown paper theme (especially if they only cost a dollar!), I purchase them and add them to my stash. (Target's Dollar Spot is a good source for the variations.) 

Brown paper gift bags in different sizes. 

Variations are good here too, although I use the plain ones the most. 

Packages of colored tissue paper. 

If it's on sale, even better. I once found red tissue on clearance after Christmas. (What? Don't we use red after Christmas too?) It was 24 cents per package. I bought every one...and I'm using it still!

Gift tags that will go with the brown paper packages.  

A roll of jute...

...and/or spools of colored ribbon, raffia, or baker's twine. 

And there you have it! 

Collecting a little bit here, a little bit there...over time...keeping with my general theme...and I'm ready to wrap a gift lickety-split!

At Christmastime, I have a similar theme. I try to find large rolls of brown wrapping paper printed with red or green checks or with a natural Christmas design (pine cones, holly, etc.). I will pick these up as soon as I see them, whether it is in July or October. I add coordinating ribbon, and checked or solid tissue paper. I have a whole bag of gift tags that I have collected over the years, many of them at after-Christmas sales. 

photo by my friend Frances ~ 2013

My daughter Kati has her own 31-day series this month: It's a Wrap! She is featuring some adorable gift wrap ideas...that are also quite doable! Click over to Kati's Little Corner for some creative gift wrapping inspiration! 

One of my favorites...

or is it this one?

This is day 10 in the series gather.  Click ~here~ to see more.


  1. Your grandson is adorable! Love your idea of gathering gift wrapping!

  2. I love that everything coordinates! I have TONS of random recycled gift bags, but since we were given most of them at Christmas time I usually run out of bags for other occasions pretty early in the year. I like the idea of brown kraft paper because it can go with any occasion for any age or gender, depending on how you dress it up. Kind of like a basic wardrobe with lots of different accessories :)

  3. You definitely have a talent here! You make it sound so simple.... :)

  4. Oh, I love the one that says JUDY! :-)) I like to keep wrapping supplies on hand too. I need to keep an eye out (sounds gruesome, doesn't it!) for those on clearance sales. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. It's easier to be creative when all the supplies are at hand. I've gone to using recycled paper for gift wrap - old blueprints, sea navigation charts, music paper, etc.
    I'm off to visit Kati.

  6. Cheryl, what a grand idea! I can't tell you the frustrations I have over gift wrapping - I need a system!

  7. Oh, so good to stop by and say hi! Lovely wrapping ideas making your packages very pretty! I have been to Sight and Sound several times through the years but it has been awhile.

    Love your autumn decorating and you must tell your mom, I LOVE her mercury, red and white vignette! Gorgeous :)

  8. Great ideas on coordinating your wrapping supplies. I'm a bit willy nilly and I see how I could do a better job!

  9. I love your idea and will definitely have to "borrow" your it. I love to make gifts look pretty, but I never seem to have the correct supplies!

  10. I'll have to go to Katie's blog to see all her beautiful ideas. And I love all your wrapping ideas. I also wrap gifts in old maps.
    I have that same half used ball of purple ribbon. It looks like a throwback to Current --mine at least, yours too?

  11. That's pretty much what I do as well. Once I found paper pokes, it was bye-bye to expensive gift wrapping paper. I also use sandwich bags, brown and white, fold over the top, punch holes and wrap ribbon or baler twine through the holes to hang a gift tag.
    Each Christmas, I save my cards and use the decorative fronts as tags.


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