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Friday, October 24, 2014

gather. {to clean}

This is the last day to put your name in the hat to receive a little happy package in your mailbox!

Oh yeah. I really need to clean my oven before Thanksgiving. Actually, there are a few other things that should be cleaned before the holidays. But that's not what I'm chatting about today.

Today I am going to share some cleaning products with an autumn flair. Because by now everyone knows that I am a fanatic about all things autumn. So if I can find an autumn-scented cleaner, I'm all over it. 

This is the cleaner I'm loving this fall. Honeycrisp apple. Mmmm... If it looks nearly empty, it's because it is. No worries. I have another bottle in the closet, because this must last through the end of autumn. 

Then there are the soaps. 

My friend Beth gave me some fabulous homemade soaps as a hostess gift. I have been using the apple cider soap this fall...swoon. It smells. so. good. 

And then (can you believe it?) I won a giveaway at Cranberry Morning!

Judy has a line of natural, handcrafted vegan soaps that she sells at Homemade Soap'n'Such and at her Etsy shop by the same name. Several weeks ago, she hosted a Fall and Christmas Giveaway at her blog and I won my choice of two bars of soap. If you think it was an easy choice, think again! Judy offers so many wonderful fragrances. (I love that she has given some of them Christmasy names for the season.) From all of the tempting choices, I selected Pumpkin Spice (I'll bet you could have guessed that) and Cranberry Tea...both very seasonal. 

After forbidding my family to use one until after I had photographed the bars, I opened the Pumpkin Spice soap and put it on the bathroom sink. We have been using it this week, soaking up the spicy autumn scent while washing up with this wonderful, chemical-free, skin-friendly soap.

Thank you, Judy!

Have you discovered any seasonally-scented cleaning products?

This is day 24 in the series gather.  Click ~here~ to see more.


  1. You've taken it to a whole new level! It never occurred to me that cleaning products might have a seasonal scent!

    I need to add some essential oils to my homemade cleaning products! Maybe cinnamon, or cinnamon and citrus! Yum!

    I love my homemade soaps that friends of ours make! Wonderful on the body!


  2. Not sure I'm "in" for the drawing....

    Oh,my! Pumpkin scented soap. Sounds REALLY special.

  3. I hadn't thought of looking for autumn cleaning products. And I'm a girl who says autumn is her favorite season! The soaps sound wonderful. Enjoy!

  4. I want to be in the hat please! That sounds like it makes cleaning a little more enjoyable.

  5. I ordered about a dozen soaps from Judy earlier this year and have been enjoying them immensely.

  6. I love method soap, but I haven't tried the cleaner.

  7. During off the farm errands today, I'll look for seasonally scented products...great idea and thanks!


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