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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

gather. {pumpkin fool}

I have talked about pumpkins so often recently, that you probably think that I am the "pumpkin fool" referred to in the title of this post! But, although that may apply, the fool that I am talking about today is a super easy dessert. 

(Fool: a cold dessert made of pureed fruit mixed or served with cream or custard.)

Last evening, I gathered the ingredients for pumpkin fool using a recipe from a November 1988 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. Although I used to make this often (I even served it as a Thanksgiving dessert a few times), it had been so long that neither Kati nor Bekah had ever eaten it. 

I whipped up the dessert before I cooked dinner. I put four servings in dessert dishes from my Aunt Lynn, placed them on a wooden tray, grabbed this charming vintage table cloth (given to me by my dear friend Frances who knows me well), and took it out on the patio to catch some evening light for my photos. 

The girls were returning from a walk in the woods and Ron was in his shop working on a project, so after the photo session, we got all crazy and ate dessert first! (I suppose we were pumpkin fools!)

serves 8

2 cups whipping cream
2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
1 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 30-oz. can pumpkin pie filling (not pumpkin puree)
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1 square semi-sweet chocolate, grated

* * *

In small bowl, with mixer on medium speed (I use my stand mixer), beat cream, confectioners' sugar, and vanilla until stiff. 

In large bowl, mix pumpkin pie filling, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Fold whipped cream into pumpkin mixture to create a marbled effect. 

Spoon mixture into dessert glasses or bowls. Garnish with grated chocolate.
Refrigerate until ready to serve.

This is day 15 in the series gather.  Click ~here~ to see more.


  1. Yum! That looks fantastic! I will have to try that! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  2. That's one I have not heard of before...looks and sounds yummy! Bekah has that dreamy look so that's what I'm going by!

  3. It does look good and you photographed it well. It looks easy too…yummy!

  4. Mmmm...I'm a "fool" for anything pumpkin! At lunch today I needed a little sumpin-sumpin and I grabbed my container of Pumpkin Spice Philly Cream Cheese spread and put it between a graham cracker! It was good but not quite as good as your Pumpkin Fool!

  5. This looks wonderful! I'll have to get a can of pumpkin pie filling.


  6. I'll pass on the pumpkin recipe, but I wanted to tell you that you did great on the outdoor photo shoot!

  7. I am smacking my lips right now!

  8. Oh yum... I GATHERED your recipe to my own collection. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Oh my, this gets the saliva going. I look forward to trying this.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  10. Love the photos....and the fact that it doesn't look that complicated while sounding absolutely delectable!

    I'm trying really hard to get rid of a few pounds that have accumulated over the past months while surgeries have kind of side-lined me.....but I THINK I could/SHOULD enjoy this seasonal treat if I can be sure I have someone to share it with me.....

  11. How yummy this looks. And your photo on the patio is so very pretty and elegant.

  12. I LOVE all things Pumpkin! This is being addd to my list of must-make fall desserts :)


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