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Friday, September 30, 2016

Media Cabinet Makeover {DIY Paint Color}

At The Farmhouse, the television sat in a place that was designed for it: between the built-in bookshelves, in front of a window.

But we couldn't bring the built-in shelf along with us, so we were in a quandary about where to put the television in the new house. I was so excited about having a fireplace and mantle, and I wanted that to be the focal point of the room. I did not want to ruin that space (and miss all of those decorating possibilities) with a screen. Before we moved, I arranged the furniture over and over in my head (finagle the book shelves to accommodate media? set the television on a table with the other "stuff" on an old wooden box or a stool underneath?), but nothing seemed right.

We eventually decided that Ron should build a tall media cabinet, with doors to hide all the "ugly stuff" when not in use. But...we have projects galore, and this one would need to wait.

Then Kati's eagle eyes spotted this piece at a barn sale.

Yes, it was turquoise (which is a lovely color...but not with my decor!), but it was $49! Sold!

We brought it home and set up all the media components, put the baskets of DVDs and Wii remotes inside, and there it sat for several months waiting to be transformed (and sticking out like a sore thumb)

I suppose it was okay that it took me a while to get around to it, because that gave me time to choose a paint color. Black? Tan? Barn red? Red over tan? Red over black? Tan over black? Green? (Yes, I really did consider all of those options.) Then one day I saw a photo online of a blanket chest painted in a brownish red and I loved it. Later that same day, I visited a friend and she had a jelly cupboard that was also brownish red, and I knew that that was the color for my media stand. The only problem was that I didn't have a paint strip or a color name to go by.

Here's what I did:

1) Got out a bunch of my craft paints.

2) Mixed and swirled on a paper plate until I had several possibilities.

3) Painted the possibilities on a wooden paint paddle.

4) Took my paint paddle to Home Depot (I clearly marked the chosen color on the paddle) and had them use their spectrophotometer to create a paint in my very own custom color!

I felt like a bona fide decorator...and you can too!

Do you have anything that needs a paint makeover? Have you ever considered creating your own paint color? 


  1. That is perfect! Well, yes, I created my kitchen cabinet color and had it made up...mixed a yellow with beige of all things. Needs to be done again!

    Yes, that cabinet is very nice all around and I find placing a tv between windows much better since the light does not shine on the screen. So, is Ron off the hook for making a unit to hide everything?

  2. Never thought of that! (But we HAVE been doing a LOT of painting around here) :) It IS a perfect cupboard.

  3. Your new color is perfect.

    I created my own color for my cottage and had Home Depot mix it up for me. It is so amazing that they can read the color and mix it up.

    Happy Fall to you and yours in your new home.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. I think you chose the perfect looks wonderful! I love how they can fix up any color paint for us these days. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Cheryl, you are a decorator with paint mixing under your belt! Your cabinet is the perfect color next to the wing chair. Also I spy lovely swags at the windows. So pretty.
    I haven't painted a piece of furniture since the days of "antiquing" was in vogue. I've only mixed paint for craft projects. Congratulations on a job well done. ♥

  6. Love, love, love this! Why have I never thought of it? I'm filing this great idea away!

    Also, I love your cabinet in your custom color!

  7. A great purchase price and makeover. It really is perfect for your space and function. Dear has made his own colors before. We want to add some black to the tea trolley/cart that I bought at my neighbor's estate sale. We've seen some barn sales around these parts of Ohio...
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. A great colour. It looks perfect in your sitting room

  9. That's a good color and I see it going better with your house than the former color. Today it seems they can match colors so well so I have done what you did before. It looks so good now and just blends in so well with your decor--and looks great next to that chair. And it reminds me of our TV "stand."

  10. It looks just perfect in there! Love the color! It looks similar to the color I have considered in my head for our kitchen cabinets believe it or not. I can't settle in to a definite choice though so I just keep on considering, lol. Making up your own was BRILLIANT! Hope your having a good week!

  11. ooohh smart cookie! perfect color choice
    for your room. :) i routinely paint furniture.
    and if my hubby stands still for too long
    he gets painted too. currently he's a lovely
    duck egg blue tone. (kidding...)

  12. Oh Cheryl, I've missed you. I am not currently blogging. I felt like I needed to take a break and it's been rather longer than I first planned:) I love seeing how you are decorating your new home. The TV stand looks great. I one time painted my girl's bedroom 4 different colors, one on each wall. I got the inspiration from a pack of wooden clothes hangers that I purchased and took them like you to the store to be scanned. :) I have also mixed paint for a rec room wall once when I wasn't happy with the color before..I agree you do feel like a bona fide decorator :) ha ha.


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