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Monday, November 14, 2016

Let's Talk Turkey

Our house is full of autumn touches almost as soon as the calendar turns to September. Pumpkin and gourds. Mums and spicy candles. Bowls of apples and Friendly Village. But I wait until November to get out the turkeys! 

Here are a few turkeys that are hanging around Pineapple House these days.

This is my primitive Tom. I made him several years ago (using these instructions) and he has made a Thanksgiving appearance ever since, sometimes on the Thanksgiving table, sometimes elsewhere, but always a presence. 

New to me this year is this turkey candy mold I bought when we went antiquing on Labor Day.

He has joined Primitive Tom on the sideboard for November.

I love the turkey on my November calendar!

Are you cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving? Of course, we always cook a turkey because we host Thanksgiving dinner, but I think I'd cook one anyway. I love the leftovers! I don't get tired of turkey. In fact, I run out of turkey before I run out of leftover turkey ideas! Hot turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, turkey soup, turkey tetrazzini... My daughter Kristin always cooks a turkey for their family, and my mom cooks a turkey breast. What do you do? Do you get tired of turkey? 

Now sure what size turkey to buy or how many desserts to serve? This fun graphic takes the guess work out of Thanksgiving planning!  (Click the photo for more details.) 

Click ~here~ for another really cool online resource for choosing (and cooking) the Thanksgiving bird. Butterball offers "calculators" to make it simple. What a great idea! Plug in the number of adults and the number of children, check the box if you want leftovers, indicate whether your group has big eaters or light eaters, and --VOILA!-- Butterball will tell you how much turkey and how much stuffing you'll need! There are other "calculators" for how long to thaw and how long to cook, as well as conversion tables for measurements and temperature. 

Let's talk turkey! 


  1. Even though we will be out of state for Thanksgiving, and possibly eating out on Thanksgiving Day (Oh my!), I will cook a turkey when I get home! We love the Thanksgiving meal and we will enjoy all the leftovers too!

    I, as you know, always slow roast my turkey, overnight! I love the way the house smells when I wake up in the mornings!

  2. I love your turkey mold, Cheryl. He looks so proud on your sideboard. And the prim Tom turkey is so unique with his feathers.
    We love turkey and all the leftovers and all the trimmings as well. We spend Thanksgiving at my nephew's home as he continued the tradition that his mother and my sister (who is now in heaven) started years ago. We all bring dishes to help out. I always bring the ham and my other sister brings the turkey. It's a wonderful time of gratitude.
    Thank you for the links. I'll check them out. ♥

  3. Even if we get invited to a friends home for Thanksgiving we do the whole event over again at home before or after the official day so we can enjoy leftovers. Love your turkey decor touches. This year after the official day we are going to try a turkey on our Traeger Grill. Thanks for those online sites for turkey!

  4. Yes, Turkey for us, even if it's only the two of us, we love leftovers. I had to chuckle at the Whole Foods menu planning, only 1 starchy side, 1 vegetable and 1 dessert??? We have too many different family recipes among the in-laws to have just 1 of each!!

  5. Turkey is a favorite around here, but I must get tired of it since I do not like turkey for Christmas. By January, I am ready for another big turkey dinner with all the fixin's. I am still in awe that you made that darling prim turkey so am off to see how it's done.

  6. Oh yes...I love turkey and the leftovers too! There so many wonderful ways to eat it and I look forward to Thanksgiving leftovers almost more than the actual meal! Isn't that crazy? As you may have read on my last post, we usually have both turkey and ham to satisfy everyone. I absolutely LOVE your darling turkeys...very unique too! I pray many Thanksgiving blessings on you and your sweet family! ♥

  7. I think I'm cooking a turkey breast the day before in case we run out of seconds OR leftovers! That's fun that your guests are cooking turkeys at home! No leftovers is one drawback to not hosting but they have figured that one out. I enjoyed seeing your turkeys and thanks for the links and helpful tool!

  8. It'll be just the four of us this Thanksgiving. But the turkey is still a big one because we all LOVE turkey and love leftovers. I'm always sad when the turkey is gone, also the gravy! :) I like your prim turkey and the calendar!

  9. We'll that's one cool Tom turkey! And the sideboard looks so pretty. Thanks for the handy graphic. We celebrated Thanksgiving mid October and I did roast a 23 pound turkey. I always soak it 18 hours in a brine first. My daughter roasts hers breast side down so the breast meat, typically drier, is nice and moist. Have a wonderful upcoming week as you prepare for Thanksgiving. I think our son has arrived for the first day of deer hunting. :-(

  10. Good Morning, Cheryl! I love turkeys too! especially real ones, I have three here at the farm, that i will soon show my friends in bogland , DH bought them for me earlier this year, quite unusual colors they are.I was wanting to get a photo of the tom turkey fanning his feathers, just waiting for him to grow into manhood, Dh informed that happened this week, as he was really strutting his stuff!~smile~
    Your turkeys are so lovely! as for thanksgiving dinner we will be having our annual Thanksgiving dinner at my Mother's today, so looking forward to seeing the family again! Thanks for the links and as always such good advice! Usually I will cook a turkey breast as we all like the white meat.
    Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed and Happy Thanksgiving,

  11. Your arrangements for autumn looks beautiful:)


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