As the name of my blog indicates, I spend a lot of time thinking about home. Of course, my Heavenly Home is the one that is eternal, so that’s where I need to lay up my treasures, and that’s the one I’m striving for. But in the meantime, I have been given this tiny piece of the here-and-now—this home on the edge of town, this family, this neighborhood—in which to serve Him. And, though this is in the earthly realm, I want the things that happen here to be investments in the Heavenly realm.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

♩ ♫  Come, ye thankful people, come  ♫ 

♩ ♫  Raise the song of harvest home  ♫ 

♩ ♫  All is safely gathered in  ♫ 

♩ ♫  Ere the winter storms begin  ♫ 

♩ ♫  God our Maker doth provide  ♫ 

♩ ♫  For our wants to be supplied  ♫ 

♩ ♫  Come to God's own temple, come  ♫ 

♩ ♫  Raise the song of harvest home.  ♫ 

 It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, 
and to sing praises to Your name, O Most High;
To declare Your lovingkindness in the morning, 
and Your faithfulness every night.
Psalm 92: 1, 2


  1. How nice to travel through your Thanksgiving Day with your family, lovely photos.

  2. Wonderful! Rejoicing with you at having your grands and kids ALL nearby to share holidays together!

    I love that hymn!

  3. Lovely pictures of your family's Thanksgiving.

  4. I am filled with thankfulness as I see these photos and think back to the year you've had. The goodness of the Lord!

  5. Oh how warm and lovely your Thanksgiving was in your new home.

    Happy holidays ~ FlowerLady

  6. Your Thanksgiving table is beautiful. Especially the faces of all of those you love, Cheryl. ♥

  7. Is there anything more precious than seeing the love between the oldest and youngest generation? Blessed my heart. Beautiful family.

    And beautiful table...may I ask about the "blue" pumpkin? I have seen Blue Hubbard squash, but not blue pumpkins. Very pretty and unusual.

  8. Thank you, sweet friends!!

    Vee, about the pumpkin...I saw it as green. I had bought one from my brother-in-law's farm stand in September. When we decided to use my great-grandmother's china, we wanted to use creamy white and green tones on the table instead of the more typical orange tones. When I called a local nursery and asked if they had any "green" pumpkins left, she didn't know what I was talking about! It turns out, they consider them "gray." Whatever they are (gray, green, or blue), I really like them! I think that they are Jarrahdale pumpkins. :)

  9. Such a heart warming beautiful celebration. I love Thanksgiving because of everything you captured in this post. Readings, singing, family, young and old enjoying God's goodness to us and enjoying each other. Love your settings, too!

  10. Everything looks so beautiful, warm and inviting! Seeing the pictures of the family singing together just made my day. One of my favourite hymns. Your table decorations are so pretty!

  11. What precious and joyful family photos, Cheryl. I so appreciate your focus on thanks to God, our Great provider. Please show me directly to that beautiful sideboard with desserts!

  12. As always it is such a treat to see your beautiful family photos....looked just about perfect. I especially love the one with the grandpa and the young boy embracing. Says it all. Glad you enjoyed!


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