As the name of my blog indicates, I spend a lot of time thinking about home. Of course, my Heavenly Home is the one that is eternal, so that’s where I need to lay up my treasures, and that’s the one I’m striving for. But in the meantime, I have been given this tiny piece of the here-and-now—this home on the edge of town, this family, this neighborhood—in which to serve Him. And, though this is in the earthly realm, I want the things that happen here to be investments in the Heavenly realm.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Snapshots: Snow Days

The weekend really began on Friday evening as Ron accompanied our daughter-in-law Sarah to pick up Ryan at the airport . . . before the snow arrived, thankfully! 

By the time the storm hit, we were all hunkered down, content with a weekend of cozy. As we ate brunch on Saturday morning, we planned to do a few chores, then get out a jigsaw puzzle or play some games. 

We never did get out the puzzle or games. 

Instead, our snowy weekend looked like this: 

pajama days

paint new set of kitchen shutters

make spaghetti sauce

clean up a storm

baked oatmeal with cranberries

drink coffee

clean out extra bedroom school room Puss's room library
(more on that later)

roasted and mashed butternut squash

scrub floors

move a rug from bedroom to attic

eat snow cream

wash all the bed linens

clean out a closet

clear the driveway for Monday morning


eat leftover Christmas cookies


watch TV/snooze in our recliners (depending on your age) 


These were not our typical snow days. Usually we are more of the puzzles-and-games-and-eat kind of people. But Ron and Kati were both off and they are both goal-oriented. We all got motivated, we were on a roll, so we went with it! 

And it feels good to start a Monday after such a productive weekend!


  1. Sounds like you keep moving in your house. But also have some nice cozy down time together. Snow gets me baking.

  2. Such lovely photos of your productive weekend. That dish of baked oatmeal looks divine. Yes, I always love seeing food. The snow cream looks yummy as well. I've never quite gotten the knack of making it well.
    Have a lovely beginning to the week ahead. ♥

  3. Would love to know what snow cream is?

  4. Snow cream - I've read about this several times of late and have to try this. Maybe today is the day? I love how your snowy weekend looked!!!

  5. It sounds (and looks) like a perfect weekend!

  6. Wow! Impressive. How good it must feel to have accomplish all of that!

  7. You had leftover Christmas cookies? :D I'd do well to accomplish that in a week. Beautiful snow pics. Our daughter in NC reported a little snow and a lot of sleet. Have a great week.

  8. LOVE the sound and look of all this...and yes, always a good feel on Monday after a productive busy week-end!

  9. Even the cat looks as if he is napping in snow and every single thing looks excellent wearing white. Wonderful view from your porch. Gotta love productive days, though I never expect a snow day to be one of them. Will this snow last long?

  10. It's good to go with the roll. That's quite a list of things you accomplished. Sheesh I'm tired just reading about it all. For me, the more I can accomplish in my pajamas the happier I am. :) Glad there was good food to keep everyone rolling...

  11. Your photos always give off the most cozy and warm feelings, Cheryl. Wow, you really got a lot accomplished! We were snow bound for a few days (back to work for me this afternoon) and yesterday I got enough gumption to get some long overdue chores out of the way. I was too busy photographing birds the other couple of! I see you made some snow cream too...the rest of mine is still sitting out on the deck in a covered bowl. If I want any more of it, I'd better act is finally going to get above freezing this afternoon! I always enjoy my visits when I come to "see" you :)

  12. Our weekend sounded much like yours (no snow cream though) Lots of dozing in recliners and staying warm inside. Our youngest was visiting and had planned to leave for home Saturday, a quick decision was made to leave Friday to beat the weather (a good decision as it turned out) Great photos as always

  13. Snow ice cream sounds good, I haven't had that yet this year. Our snows have only amounted to an inch or so. Which is really okay with me! Love your room with all the windows and that marvelous view!

  14. What a great weekend. You got so much accomplished. I need a nap after reading all you did lol!
    Have a great start to this new week.

  15. Productive, indeed! I need to take advantage of our snow months to be productive, rather than gloomily wishing May were here. Are you in the land of this weekend's forecasted ice storm? You might still get your puzzles and cozy time. Three times this week I've seen people's snow cream. I can't believe that in our land of perpetual sub zero temps and mountains of snow, I've never made it!! I need to try that.


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