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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January Birthdays {And More About Those Meringues . . . }

Then on Saturday evening, we came home from a gathering and we felt like a little something and I preheated my oven to 450º and went in my bedroom to change my clothes. Several minutes later, I hear a commotion in the kitchen and Ron is saying "What in the world?" and I come in to see smoke coming out of the oven.

The meringues!!

I opened the oven to a pan of blackened meringues. Ugh. (My oven has a "rapid preheat" feature, and it was set to 450º , and meringues are such light and fragile things. A recipe for disaster.) 

After opening some windows and turning on the ceiling fan and thanking the Lord that the house did not burn down as I was changing my clothes in the next room, I whipped up another batch to serve at the party.

Our January birthday people are littlest granddaughter Macie who is 1, granddaughter Nora who is 8, and son-in-law Brian. We are thankful for each one! 

(One of the birthday girls fell asleep before her moment in the spotlight!)

Decorations were simple: all sorts of winter whites (candles, plates, table cloth, meringues) and those "sweater" print napkins that I was thrilled to find on clearance at HomeGoods after Christmas. (Loved them!) 

Glimpses of the day . . .

A little Rhett and Link
(I don't recommend all of their videos, but these guys are funny!)

We played a game and then had an informal game of birthday trivia. Raise your hand if you were born in Oklahoma. Raise your hand if you weighed more than 9 pounds at birth. Raise your hand if you were born before your due date. And so on. It was lots of fun and we all learned things! 

But the entertainment highlight of the day for the younger set was this:

Did you guess? 

It was Alexa
(And she got quite the workout!) 


  1. What beautiful meringues you had for the party, Cheryl. I think we all can relate to things that go wrong in the kitchen!
    I'll have to show Samuel your link and since he works at a pizza place, he may or may not think it's funny.
    Alexa is the funniest gadget to play with. When she couldn't answer a question my son asked her, he told her that she stinks. She came back with I'll add air freshener to your grocery list!
    I love all the games you all enjoyed while celebrating birthdays. Those sweater napkins are the cutest! ♥

  2. Your napkins are so unusual, and so attractive.

  3. You guys are nuts! (I thought your mythical friends were also nuts so I watched that lady get booted from the airplane for being so intolerant and unable to keep her mouth shut that was on the sidebar.) So are you folks going to try being speech jammed? Alexa is a lot of fun. Siri isn't. Siri is often a pain. So sorry about the meringues. To my knowledge, I did not mess up the recipe I made, but the results just got pitched this morning. Life is too short to eat such a flop. (I can not believe that Macie is already a year old. Now this is just getting crazy how quickly time goes by.)

  4. I'm sure Alexa remained patient with all the requests! The meringue burn is so much something I would do! But look at how beautiful the second batch is.

  5. So okay...I do not live in a cave but I have missed something. I don't know what Alexa is. I assume she is a "smarty pants" of some sort. I do know that Siri talks back too. A few months ago our power was out in the evening and I was sitting in my car charging my phone. I called on Siri to tell me what the weather was going to like in our town the next day. She responded with, "It looks like you will be having some high winds tomorrow!" My reply to her was "Oh man, that stinks!" and she quickly replied with "Tell me about it!!" LOL! Alexa sounds like a lot of fun! Your second batch of meringues are beautiful!

  6. So glad you were able to make more meringues. I'll check my new oven for that preheat issue. That trifle looks very interesting too! Our kids got Elexa and the grands keep her busy. Like Vee, I am amazed Macie is already a year old. I remember when we were waiting for her!

  7. Too bad about those meringues ..... so glad it wasn't too serious. Your second batch sure is pretty! The pineapple house has just experienced another great birthday party!!! Looks like so much fun. I have not heard of Alexa but it looks like it was a hit! Great pictures.

  8. Sorry about the meringue disaster, but it sounds like you managed to recoup your losses in and have a fun party! I'll be curious to see how you Alexa in the future. It bothers me that it's always listening.

  9. Wow! Good for you for whipping up some more meringues. Your birthday party looked like lots of fun. So you have lots of birthdays in January, too. Fun times. Alexa went nuts at my sisters house in the storms and several short power outages. Every time the power came back on she'd say "I'm sorry I didn't quite get that" Hope your week is going well.

  10. Thanks for sharing your meringue disaster! The replacements certainly look lovely. What a fun birthday party.

  11. What a lovely post ... all those beautiful photos. The new meringues with the lit candles sure look fabulous. And what cool 'sweater' napkins.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, Cheryl!


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