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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Dress Project {Dull Denim Dress}

On June 3, my daughter Kristin announced The Dress Project Summer Challenge.  I immediately put on my thinking cap, but it took me (actually us) all summer to get that project finished!  

Many of the entries have been "saves"--dresses or shirts that would have gone to the rag bag if their creative owners had not made them over, covering stains or tears, or adding length. 

Our project, however, simply upgraded a slightly dull denim dress to a dress with some spunk.  Pink spunk at that, to please the wearer.  

Bekah and I worked on this project together.  

Bekah was able to meet two of her "Craft Summer" weekly projects by creating two different embellishments to pin onto the dress.  The first, a felt flower, was created using a Martha Stewart kit that I had bought on clearance a couple of years ago.  The other, a felt cupcake with bead "sprinkles" and a button "cherry", was an evolution of an idea found in the children's craft book Made By Me.  

Then, I sewed some ribbon onto the fabric belt of the dress, and it was ready to wear!  

From drab to spunky...with a bit of felt, some simple stitches, a spark of creativity...and an entire summer!
(Because that's how we procrastinators operate.)

P.S. The Dress Project is open to participants through August 31!  (And there are prizes too!)  
Click  ~HERE~  for details.


  1. So cute! Does it matter how long it takes with results like that? =D

  2. Oh, cute!!!!!!

    That added pink is just the thing! And the flower and cupcake too - sweet!


  3. I love that Bekah got into the project, too. The finished dress is so cute!

  4. A great remake -- and it's not like you weren't doing anything else this summer -- like a kitchen?!


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