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Monday, April 15, 2013

Collections {A Link-Up}

My daughter Kati has done a 6-week series on collections, highlighting her own collections (mugs, stamps, thimbles, etc.) as well as including tidbits about collecting and some fun giveaways!  This week, she offers her readers a chance to share their own collections by linking up to this post.   

When my mother, my sister Linda, and I go shopping, we're pretty predictable.  I am not talking about Christmas shopping, when we're shopping for other people.  I am talking about social shopping, when we go to Marshalls or HomeGoods or somewhere with the main purpose of spending time (not money) together.  

Original purpose notwithstanding, each of us often gravitates to the same type of items.   

Mom has a weakness for pedestals.  "I'm not going to buy a pedestal today," she was heard saying as we entered HomeGoods a few weeks ago.  But when we walked out of the door, she was carrying this... add to her collection.  ~smile~

Linda often ends up with furniture.  Lest you are thinking sofas or dining tables, let me assure you that the pieces usually tend toward small occasional tables.  (More than once we have stuffed a table in the back of a van.)  Let me also assure you that Linda is a bargain magnet.  She finds things with unbelievable price tags.  I need to shop with her more often.

My obsession is bowls.  (Okay, I also have an obsession with napkins.) I don't go looking for bowls (as Mom does not search for pedestals and Linda does not hunt for bargain furniture).  They find me.

I think that is how it is with a collection.  Most of the time, you don't set out to collect a particular thing.  You just end up with a collection because you are gathering things that you love.

Here are a few of my bowls...

Antique Brown Bowl

One of my favorites, this old brown bowl once belonged to my great-grandmother.

Yellow Ware Bowls

This old one holds potatoes on the kitchen counter.

This is one of a set of reproduction yellow ware bowls.  
There are three different sizes and I use them all the time!

Another old one, this one rests in the iron bowl tree.

I often use my bowls for things other than serving food!

The Blues

The large bright blue bowl is one of my HomeGoods "surprises."
Two reproduction spongeware bowls, one with a house motif.
I have a pair of these white-with-blue-polka-dots bowls, purchased for a dollar at Target.

Seeing Red

Also seeing a bargain!  Clearance at (can you guess?)...Target.

Basic White

This white ironstone bowl is Pfaltgraff's Heritage pattern, as are my basic white dishes.

This vintage milk glass bowl was a gift from my mother-in-law, along with a matching platter.

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  1. Great bowls!

    I'll have to see about posting my teacups, if people aren't tired of seeing them!


  2. You do have some wonderful bowls in your collection. It's fun to have pretty serving bowls. Wish we had a Homegoods Store!

  3. Wonderful collection of bowls! Lots of variety in style, age, and color, too.

    About ten years ago now, in a fit of clearing out (for I was concerned that I was becoming a hoarder), I gave away all but a few of my bowls. Would you believe that I still look for this one or that one from time to time? I don't think it was one of my best moments. I'm back to hoarding again.

  4. I love each and every one of your bowls, Cheryl. And you are right, sometimes objects find us and want to come home with us. xo

  5. I enjoyed seeing your collection. I too have a bit of a bowl collection and am drawn to looking at them in shops! (and occasionally,yes, buying as well as looking!)


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