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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday Potpourri (And a Long Story)

Gathering some bits and pieces here today for a little chat. (Do you like a chatty post? Sometimes they are my favorite ones to read as I visit my blog friends.)

I will start with a medical update, first of all, because it is the most important, but also because it directly or indirectly affects everything else in my chat!

We finally have some answers about Kati's health. After two weeks of pain, visits to doctors (including two overnights in the ER), multiple tests, and w-a-i-t-i--n-g for results,  Kati has been diagnosed with a diseased gallbladder (but with no stones) and has an appointment with a surgeon next week. In Kati's words, "I am ready to get that bad boy out!" There is a sense of relief in knowing the root of the problem. In the meantime, she is following a totally fat free diet and the pain is always there, but manageable.

Because of Kati's health issues, we were not able to make the trip to Lancaster last weekend to join the Rabes for Lindsay's wedding. Boo hoo! We had been planning this for months. Ron had taken a vacation day for Friday and we were going to make a whole weekend of it. We prayed for direction, but the closer we got to the wedding date, we realized that it would not be wise to travel. Sigh.

(Want to take a peek at some wedding photos?) 

Since we were home, we were able to go out for breakfast with Ron's siblings and their spouses to celebrate his mom's 86th birthday. Seven of the eight siblings were able to attend, and we took up a whole corner of the restaurant!

Here is Ron's mom surrounded by her children...

...and here she is with the "out-laws" as my late brother-in-law used to call us.

Slow Cooker Tuesday? Also affected by medical stuff. Because I have been discombobulated, I forgot to purchase the ingredients for my recipe last week. Plan B was to stop by the grocery store after Kati's appointment yesterday, but then there was a snow storm and I made a beeline to get home afterward. So this week's Slow Cooker Tuesday will be on --ummm-- Wednesday?

Do you want the behind-the-scenes story of our harrowing journey to the doctor yesterday? 

Yes, harrowing!

I don't really like to drive on a good day, but yesterday morning was terrible. A predicted snowstorm descended on our area shortly before we left for Kati's appointment.

I have no ice scraper in my van. (I have never needed one. Unless Ron is driving, I don't go out in bad weather.) Kati went to get her wimpy little scraper out of her car. But her doors were frozen shut, so to break into her car, she kind of slammed her hip into the door...which opened it, but which also caused her pain which caused her nausea which caused her to -- okay, I'll stop. You know where this is heading. We were off to a rocky start. 

After I got the windshield cleared and the wiper blades broken loose, we began the twenty minute drive. As we drove, the windshield continued to frost over and I could hardly see, although Kati saw a car in the ditch not far from home and that took my confidence down the tubes.  We stopped off at Ron's office so that he could scrape the van windows with his Big Boy scraper (and we absconded with it), and his de-icing lasted almost until we arrived at the doctor's office.

On the drive home, we had to stop every three or four miles to de-ice the windshield.  When we finally reached the road towards home, there was a police car parked fully across it. (Presumably, the SUV we had seen earlier was being retrieved from the ditch.) So we had to backtrack and go the long way around, adding miles to our journey and more stops to scrape the windshield. It took us 65 minutes to make the 20 minute trip! 

Did you need all those details? Probably not, but Ron says I am not one to make a short story short, so there you have it.

All in all, we are grateful to have a diagnosis and an appointment with the surgeon, and to have made it safely home!

And since I have already said so much, I'll leave you with one more inglorious detail.

We had the defrost turned up so high, trying to keep the windshield as warm as possible, that, although the ice continued to form on the outside of the car, inside we were sweating in our drawers. (I can't believe I just used the word "drawers" on the Internets. All pride is gone in one fell swoop.)

Enough said.

(Or too much?)


  1. Great "chat". I admire you for continuing on to the Dr.'s. I would sat in the road and cried. So glad Kati will be totally well soon. I am wondering what kind of cake she will make when she is recovered.

  2. *Gasp* LOL! Well I did enjoy the chatty post and am only sorry that Kati has been having these troubles. Good thing that the surgery is much better these days. What fun to see the out-laws in a photo with Ron's mom. What a good birthday for her to have so many able to gather.

  3. I am so happy that you have a diagnosis for Kati. I had mine removed in April 1995' had the laparoscopic procedure. Was sent home in 7 hours! Hope she has it too. She will be fine in no time! I no longer feel brave to drive in snow or sleet. Never really bothered me, but as I get older, forget it! xo

  4. Oh my, what an ordeal. I'm a real chicken about driving in "weather". So glad you have a diagnosis for your Kati and soon she'll get relief!

  5. Well that drive would have scared me to death that's for sure. However, I can speak from personal experience as I too had my diseased gall bladder removed that had no stones. My pain was never acute or over the top, but always there. The surgery was soo easy though and I was back home in 6 hours. And! went to my daughter's week-end softball tournament 10 days later totally fine. In fact, we had our car loaded for the trip while I ran into to get the staples out before we took off. Of course I was MUCH MUCH younger, then, lol. Soo glad you know what is wrong now, and that it is an easy fix. Sorry she has gone through so much (and you right along with her, sorry about missing the wedding) and will continue to pray until it is all behind her.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about Kati's bad gallbladder and the pain she's had to suffer from it, but glad to know she got a diagnosis and the pesky thing will soon be history! Glad, too, you all made it okay in the icy weather.
    Great family photos! I had to laugh at the "outlaws", I've been called that a time or two. lol! Take care and have a good week.

  7. wow what a day! So thankful you have a diagnosis and a treatment planned. She will feel so much better soon!

  8. Drawers! LOL! Love that! We all have been there, done that!

    Glad for a diagnosis, but sorry she has to have surgery. Having had this surgery (my only surgery ever!) I can say she will be fine, and recover quickly.

    We missed you all so much at the wedding, but I am glad you were able to go to breakfast with Ron's family. They are a good looking bunch of siblings!

    Loved this post.


  9. Love the newsy, chatty (and funny)post. Best wishes for Kati's surgery and a speedy recovery.
    Wonderful pictures. Blessings, Sharon D.

  10. I am very glad that Kati will be well soon. We were praying for you all.
    Beth D

  11. Hi Cheryl, my Brother in law had this surgery a few weeks ago and he is back to his old self again but like kati it was not fun while finding a diagnosis. I will be praying for all!
    Loved the family photos, it is so nice to get everyone together.
    WOW! what a trip you had in that weather! soon and very soon all this cold, bitter weather will be a memory for sure, sooner would suit me just fine.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you for taking time to 'chat' with us! I'm so glad to hear they've found the cause of Kati's pain, and that there is something that can be done. Praying all goes well and her recovery is quick and uneventful.
    Boy, oh, boy, the weather! I find myself asking, "So what is it you want us the learn, Lord?" We've had more winter in one season than I can remember in these parts in a very long time. But HE does promise us the order of the Seasons and I am confident Spring will come!

  13. "Drawers!" gasp!
    Loved this chat. Harrowing times for sure. So glad that Kati will have relief from her pain. I hope the surgery goes well.
    Driving in those conditions is filled with tension. So glad you made it home without incident.

  14. So sorry to hear about Kati! After a long time of unexplained pain and discomfort, my husband had this same surgery years ago. Hopefully she will soon be feeling better:)


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