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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Note Card Party: Happy Birthday!

Spring is the slowest season for birthdays in our family. Summer is crazy with birthdays, autumn is almost as busy, and winter is not far behind. But for some reason, "birthday" was on the brain as I collected my images for Vee's monthly note card birthday it is! 

Do you send lots of birthday cards? (Do you choke at how expensive they are?!) 
Do you have a month or a season when there are oodles of birthdays in your family?

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  1. Cute cards, Cheryl. I hope you consider making them into regular birthday cards. Spring is our slow season but summer is arriving and then the BDs start up. I do try to make most of our cards --even taking old cards and "altering" them as they are so expensive to buy!

  2. Those are cute and uniquely so! Yes, I do choke over the cost of cards and stationery. I thought that bloggers are doing beautiful work and it would be cost effective to use their own creations. I hope that you print these up!

  3. How cute! I could just lick the icing off that last one :-)

  4. Fun cut-outs for your May note cards. Yes, I can spend a fortune on cards and yes there sticker shock!

  5. Fun birthday cards, Cheryl! Yes, I do choke at the price. I've even decided to have my own cards printed off-site. Even so, they're cheaper than buying them at the store!

  6. These are all so cute! I send a lot of cards year round! And this week 2 of my sons have birthdays! I still buy lots of cards and try not to worry about the prices. It's worth it to me. Love your choices for the notecards! Hugs, Diane

  7. Oh, I love these! What a cute idea with the shaped cut-outs! Very colorful and cheery to make any occasion happier!

  8. I just don't buy cards regularly because of the price! These are very cute!

    Our big birthday month is May!

  9. These are really cute cards. I still send cards out, I bet you could have these printed out cheaper than any store bought card...outrageous right?

  10. What cute Birthday cards, I love how you have edited them Cheryl! The background colors are absolutely beautiful.Yes I do send lots of cards, and yes, do I ever I choke on the prices, and yes we have several months with lots of birthdays! ~smile~
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. These are very cute cards and would be great printed up. I hate paying the price for storebought cards and try to make my own. I'm a little behind right now, but when I do make them, I make a bunch to have on hand.
    Love the cut out idea you came up with.

  12. Love the images - perfect for birthdays and celebrations. I make my own cards - so much more fun that way! We have 7 birthdays this month!!!

    Enjoy your day!

  13. I love the 'cut-out' element of your cards. What program did you use for that?

  14. I love your birthday cards. Yes, I can't believe how expensive it is to buy one card. I've been using blank cards I have at home and adding a greeting to the inside.

  15. Your note cards are unique, and yes I do send birthday cards but I've been making my own for a couple of years now.


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