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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Making It New {Ultra-Sturdy Umbrella Stand}

One of the projects we completed this week was a stand for our patio umbrella. 

We had had too many "Da Vinci's Last Supper" kind of patio parties. You know, the ones where everyone lines up on the one side of the patio that is still in the shade. Like this...

And so we bought a cheery red patio umbrella to provide some refuge in the shade. 

But, lo and behold, on the first day that we tried to use it, the wind toppled it. (The young girls made the best of the situation, but still...) Heavy though it was, the stand was not sturdy enough to keep the umbrella upright. 

But this one is! 

We bought a large resin flower pot. Ron centered a length of PVC pipe in the pot, and I held it steady while he poured in some concrete that he had mixed. He left some space at the top, enough for some potting soil and a few flowers. 

The bottom of the umbrella post fits inside the PVC pipe.

He drilled a few holes in the bottom of the pipe for drainage, and put in a thumb screw to tighten the umbrella post.

Then we filled it with potting soil and planted some heat-resistant scaevola.

When we're not using the umbrella, it looks like another potted plant.

But when we need the shade, in goes the umbrella.

This baby is not going anywhere. We'd all blow away before that pot budges.

Edited to add:
Believe it or not (we didn't!), the first strong wind toppled our un-topple-able umbrella stand! We are tweaking the idea...maybe partially burying a rod in the patio, anchoring it with concrete. The PVC pipe in the pot will fit over the rod. I'll keep you posted!! We are determined to provide some shade on this patio!

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  1. I ran off to pin this so fast that I forgot to leave a comment. It's much more cost effective than the umbrella stands available for purchase and looks better, too. I'm definitely thinking about this one!

  2. What a genius idea! Love it. I'm always moving to the shade...

  3. Your husband is a clever one. Great idea and so pretty with the flowers on top. Great project for extra umbrellas we bring out for get togethers.

  4. Love this! Looks so great there in the shade. Have a very blessed and happy Mother's Day , Cheryl! xo

  5. Genius!

    What a great idea. We had a heavy wrought iron stand when we had our umbrella, but this would have worked very well, and been less expensive.


  6. that's how you did it! When I saw in your photo challenge, I wondered how it would be very clever!!

  7. Very nice! I know you will enjoy that a lot. We did this years ago but made the mistake of putting too much concrete in the pot and that sucker was very difficult to move. On a positive note it never blew over. :)

  8. This has to be the best idea for spring and summer gathering, Cheryl! PVC pipe is the best for all kinds of projects. I like the idea of this being family project, thanks for sharing, Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day.

  9. What a great solution! Love the idea that you incorporated flowers too.

  10. This project turned out great, Cheryl! Now your family gatherings won't look so much like a line-up :) I may just have to steal your idea for some shade on our deck. Thanks for linking up.

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