As the name of my blog indicates, I spend a lot of time thinking about home. Of course, my Heavenly Home is the one that is eternal, so that’s where I need to lay up my treasures, and that’s the one I’m striving for. But in the meantime, I have been given this tiny piece of the here-and-now—this home on the edge of town, this family, this neighborhood—in which to serve Him. And, though this is in the earthly realm, I want the things that happen here to be investments in the Heavenly realm.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Updating the Master Bedroom

photo by Bekah

Last week, we painted the master bedroom.

We had done our last update nine years ago, right after our son Ryan got married. Ron had replaced old ugly ceiling tiles with wallboard, we had stripped wallpaper, and bought new bedding. Then we painted the walls a pale taupe, and the trim white.

I liked the look initially, but it wasn't "me." All the other rooms in the farmhouse have off-white walls , and the trim is painted some colonial color. (If you peek at my Pinterest board "I Could Live Here," you'll see the pattern!)

So when we decided to make our bedroom a little more of a retreat, and Ron said that we could paint the room, I knew exactly what I was going to do. We went from tan walls and white trim, to white walls and tan trim. Aren't we just two crazy kids?! 

We used Behr's Swiss Coffee for the walls. For the trim, we also used Behr paint, but had it color matched to duplicate the color we have in the living room, which originally was color matched from an Olde Century Paint color that I think was Linen White. I love this color, a non-yellowish tan which serves as a neutral, but is a definite color. (Did that make sense?)

Of course, undoing the room in order to paint provides the perfect opportunity to make other changes! (Right, ladies?)

Over the years, I have decorated the master bedroom based on what was available or things that were given to me. At one point, my great-aunt had given me an antique wash bowl and pitcher set. It is a fabulous family piece, and includes, not only the wash bowl and pitcher, but the cold water pitcher, soap dish, and chamber pot. It is decorated with yellow and pinkish-purple flowers and has gold accents. The only problem is that I am not drawn to those colors (for my home) and never use them in my decorating. After many years (and dreadful wallpaper chosen to go with the set...but didn't quite), I decided that I would pack away the wash bowl and pitcher and save it for another family member who would one day love it!

This time around, not only am I not going to follow the trend in choosing paint colors, I am not going to decorate around anything that I do not love

That doesn't mean that everything in my room is my ideal. I am on the lookout for a bedside table that could also serve as a desk to replace the nightstand. I am also keeping my eyes out for an armoire to replace the large bureau. I think a taller piece would have the same storage but with less width, opening up the space. I'd not say no to an antique chest of drawers to replace the stock one that is there now. No hurry. There is nothing wrong with the pieces I have now (except that my taste has changed), and so I can patiently wait until the right thing (at the right price) comes along, if ever.

But what it does mean, is that any choices I make will be things that I love. No more hanging a picture in my bedroom just because it doesn't go anywhere else. No more lovely white Martha Stewart bedskirt that I bought on clearance but it just isn't me. No more decorating around stuff that is the wrong color or the wrong style or just "meh."

(I feel compelled to add that there is nothing at all wrong with making do. I have done it for years! Sometimes the budget or circumstances dictate that you make do with things that you don't love. Thank God for His provisions and be content! I am speaking as one who has learned this lesson. And now, after thirty-five-plus years of making a home, I know my style, and am simply making choices to eliminate what doesn't fit and wait for what does.)

How about a little tour of the "new" room? 

We'll start with the "before" (tan walls, white trim, and a few things that didn't make the cut), and then move counterclockwise around the room from the door.

photo by my friend Frances

photo by Bekah

photo by Bekah

photo by Bekah

photo by Bekah

~ childhood photos of Ron and me ~

What about you? Do you know your style? Do you love everything in your home? Are you willing to make do until the right thing comes along? 

Let's talk decorating!

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  1. Oh that is quite a journey you're on. I commend you. I am settling for the crumbs from the table I think. Some are fine enough crumbs, but much of it is not what I would choose. Your room is charming and I like the wild and crazy change in paint color. Thank you for the discussion of paint color, too. I always appreciate knowing brands and names.

  2. Painting is a huge job even if the color changes are subtle. One of my favorite things to do when we paint is to take everything out of the room and give it a good scrubbing. You know, the underside of dressers and such. Your room looks so fresh and inviting... a dear place of respite at the end of a long day!

  3. I love the new color of your bedroom , Cheryl. Lovely neutral and man friendly. I do know my style and have honed in on it after 46 years of homemaking. It's nice to get to that point and stop wasting time and money on things that are not me. ♥

  4. I LOVE your paint choices! The trim being the color of the room is not something you usually see but I have decided it is brilliant! I just might have to try this! My walls are all taupe, and the baseboards are all white. Kind of boring, but it has worked for me. I LOVE your floors btw too. I have carpet in the bedrooms and the living/formal dining room areas, and the rest of the house it tiled with area rugs. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to try wood flooring, but that is a definite I will wait and might never happen thing, lol. Your room looks inviting and cozy. Just what a bedroom should be. I love most of the furniture and decorating things in my home, but honestly I have had most of it for years and years, and I would like to start changing some of it up a bit. My bedding is in need of a definite face lift, and I am contemplating making myself a quilt...will see. I'd like to think I am patient and roll with the flow when it comes to things in my house, but don't know if that would be entirely honest. lol I have always been ALL ABOUT "decorating" and having things that are "me" and that I love. But the older I have gotten, the less important it is...thank goodness, because it needed to go down the totem pole of importance for me, haha You have the perfect attitude about it all. Enjoy your week-end!

  5. Your room is lovely and fresh looking. It's wonderful what a few small changes can do.
    I'm also at the stage where I'll just wait for something I really like rather than settle for something so-so. There are a few pieces in our home that I want to replace, but I'm in no hurry.

  6. It is beautiful, Cheryl and so fresh looking. I love the color change you made. Seems like white walls are the way everyone is going lately and they look so good. But I love color too. It certainly gives your room a peaceful, serene look. which is what you want. I'm not sure I have a style, mostly anything old. We've always enjoyed finding gems in resale or consignment shops. My style has changed over the years, I think it's always a "work in progress." Have a nice weekend!

  7. I know Swiss Coffee! We have used it on our ceilings for years! It is a nice white - not stark or cold, it's warm in color without any yellow! Great choice for your walls. I know your style and look and I agree the dresser etc, doesn't fit that. I know you will be able to find what your looking for! So fun!

    I want to paint my bedroom soon! Seeing your room is motivation for me!

    I love your chair by the way!


  8. Very nice! I've especially enjoyed sprucing up a few things around my home the last few months. It is mostly little things, but it is fun.

  9. This past year I have more or less given up on my house and had to concentrate on some other things. You are reminding me not to give up! Summer is coming, and while I will be gone for part of it, I will have more free time to do some sprucing up. I love your new look in your bedroom:) I will be getting some things from my mom's, but I will try to take only things I will really love or use.

  10. Your room looks so inviting and peaceful. I love all the lovely light streaming in. I also like the amount of chotskies that you use. Not too many but enough for charm and warmth. I know what your're saying about gifts. On things I know are not my style, I take pictures and then find loving homes with someone else unless it is an heirloom. Then I'll do the same as you and pack away for family to enjoy. When a grandmother passed, I took some things no one else wanted that I just love. You never know who is going to love something.

  11. Behr is my favorite! And their self priming paint is just that... beautiful coverage in one coat.
    I think the process and the anticipation that one day you will find the perfect piece is a lot of the pleasure. I enjoy that a LOT!
    You could also paint existing furniture in the mean time. Have had some delightful results with that, too!
    Great fun to dream about.

  12. So lovely!
    I admire your style. It makes me want to come right in and sit for a nice visit over a cup of tea.
    I am a struggling pack rat and it amazes me how your simple, minimal yet elegant style can be so warm and welcoming. I would love to get myself and my home to that point. I need you to come for a visit and be my interior designer and organizing coach!

  13. Have you ever considered putting the bed over a few feet to the right, in front of the window? Iron beds are perfect for letting the light through and the "crawler over the bed" will have his/her own side table and lamp. Just a thought...I love the changes and your loving blog!!! God bless you and your family for inspiring so many to take the time for their families!

  14. Donna, thank you for the suggestion!! I had not considered that, but as I am always up for a new idea, I am going to try it! (I have been under the weather the past few days, but as soon as I am feeling up to snuff, I'll be giving it a try!)

    Thanks for stopping by with your idea and your encouraging words!

  15. Cheryl, I read your blog daily and you truly make me "think" about my home and how I can better honor God and my family. I hope you feel better soon! Have fun trying it out! :). Donna

  16. What a nice feeling to have a bedroom painted. I like what you have done to yours. Yes, I wait a long time for things and in the meantime live with "it just isn't me." But paint is something that can be changed (not without much effort I know). I'm so slow at picking out color. It's been four years and I'm only close to making a decision on some green trim. Visiting the link to your Pinterest Board I see that we have very similar taste. I could live in those rooms. I will certainly visit it again for ideas.

  17. Thanks for linking up, Cheryl :-)


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