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Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday Snapshots: Birthday Birthday!

Counting the years, and counting our blessings...

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Kristin and Brian's house to celebrate Maddie's 10th birthday and Owen's 8th. With their birthdays a little over two weeks apart, they often celebrate together.

For Maddie, it was a milestone birthday, and it was her year to get ten birthday gifts from Papa and Gran and a special treasure box made by her Papa. (We began this tradition when her older brother Gavin turned 10 and we plan to continue it with each grandchild.)

He has a couple of years to wait for his milestone 10th birthday, but Owen had a great day too. His mama provided me with this Owen quote: "I got so many great gifts! Like my chips!" ("Chips" referred to the mini can of Pringles sour cream and onion potato chips that was tucked into his birthday bag! ~smile~) 

One of Owen's "great gifts" was a kit for making balloon animals, given to him by Gammy (my mom, Owen's great-grandmother). In fact, it became quite the party hit! 

The accompanying book had instructions for lots of animals, but some of them were beyond the ability of the novice balloon animal creators. Owen decided he wanted to make the balloon snake, but requested his mama's help. Before long, he had left the snake project to pump up more balloons and create balloon hats and balloon fish...leaving Kristin and Kati to puzzle over that instruction book and twist and figure and confer and redo and twist some more, trying to get that balloon to look like a snake! At one point, Owen reported to one of his siblings, "I'm making a snake." Kristin looked over at me, her face full of consternation, as she and Kati were practically pulling their hair out trying to make said snake! 

The balloon fun caught on and the younger kids got out some regular balloons to play with. Balloons were everywhere! And the boys kept giving Brian balloons to pump (the kit came with a small pump) so that they could create more designs. 

Before everyone left, the birthday kids had a photo session with each group: 1) with their parents and siblings, 2) with Gammy, 3) with Grandma, Brian's mom, and 4) with Gran and Papa and their aunts.


  1. How perfectly WONDERFUL!!!!!
    I loved getting to 'meet' your family and I LOVE that milestone 10th birthday idea!! I think I may borrow that one! Although I am too late for my oldest grandson. Think he will notice? Yes! Maybe for the quads then. That would make FORTY gifts!!! Perhaps I will just admire YOUR tradition!

  2. This all sounded like such fun. I too especially like the 10 gift idea...such a good one! Wish it wasn't too late for us to take that up. But we have 4 who have already turned 10. Guess it's too late now. The balloon maker was also such a good idea. I bet it was lots of fun. Happy birthday to them both!

  3. What a fun tradition of giving 10 gifts for the 10th birthday!
    You have the best kind of traditions :-)

  4. So CUTE! That balloon kit was really a hit. Love the photos. Looks like a great birthday celebration with lots of fun. Cute cupcake tree.

  5. How neat that the balloon book was the hit of the day and everyone had so much fun with it. I have only tried making balloon animals once and gave up very early on. I like the special box that Gampa makes each grand. What a great idea and a treasure for treasures.

  6. What a fun tradition for the 10th birthday. Looks like a wonderful celebration for the 8 and 10 year old! Blessings on them...

  7. Happy Birthday to the kids! Birthday parties are so much fun. The balloons were a big hit and I'll bet those yummy looking cupcakes were, too. And the box is a very special gift that will last a lifetime!

  8. Oh, what beautiful family photos! They all turned out so good!

    Happy Birthday, Maddie and Owen! SO much fun. The balloon shapes are great.

  9. Looks like he's a natural with the balloon creations. Love the idea of the ten gifts at 10! You guys know how to celebrate!

  10. Looks like a fun party! Happy Birthday to Maddie and Owen.


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