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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Savoring Summer {Week 12 ~ Cucumber-Dill Squares}

I am ending my Savoring Summer recipe series with a beginning: a super easy summer hors d'oeuvre! These Cucumber Squares are light and refreshing - perfect for wedding or baby showers, tea time, or as an appetizer for a summer meal. 

There is no real recipe, only a process, so I'll walk you through it. 


Cut some English cucumbers (long, seedless) into one-inch slices.
I like for them to be uniform, so I use a ruler to score them before slicing.
(OCD? A little.)

Trim a slice of the peel on all four sides, creating a (sort of) square, leaving the dark green peel on the corners.

With a melon-baller, scoop a small depression into the center of each square.
(If you don't have a melon-baller, use a small spoon.)

Fill each little depression with a small scoop of spreadable cheese.
I used Alouette Garlic & Herbs spreadable cheese, but you could use another. You could even make your own cheese spread, like Pioneer Woman's Veggie Cream Cheese Spread. That's got to be good!

Top each square with some fresh dill.
Or if you didn't plant dill in your herb garden this year (ahem), then go ahead and shake on some McCormick dill weed.

Have you been enjoying summer cooking (and eating) at your house? What is your favorite food season?

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Or last year?
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  1. Yay for neurotically OCD people!!!

  2. Those look so yummy! Must pin!

  3. Okay, back to say that we enjoy watermelon, corn, berries, and tomatoes! My sister was telling me about an easy recipe that they can't get enough of with green beans. That might be true for John, but I am not a fan of cooked veggies so must get my fix with raw veggies. Has the summer already concluded? Well congrats on being faithful to the summer series. Makes me wonder what might be on the docket next.

    OCD? Nah! You haven't seen OCD until you see John plant carrots. LOL!

  4. Thank you for this quick (but kind of fancy) recipe. I am having a small dinner party tonight, and wanted something light to serve as an appetizer. This will be perfect. I laughed about your measuring with a ruler - my son does that when he cooks. All portions are measured or weighed for uniformity! He is an engineer, so I guess it figures!

  5. One of my favorite combinations....cukes and cream cheese. I put thinner slices on little rye breads and top with cream dill cheese and a cucumber slice.
    These would disappear at my house in a minute.

  6. THese look easy and good. I've made something similar but I like this better and the square look too! Might look nice topped with olive or tiny tomato.

  7. I love the combination you have featured in this recipe, Cheryl. A light and yummy treat before or during a light summer meal. OCDers have to stick together! ♥

  8. I love the foods of summer! Fresh local cantaloupes, watermelon, tomatoes…..

    These look good, and I think they would be on plan as I am learning about THM.


  9. What a yummy treat these must be. I enjoy cucs, cream cheese and in our family dill seems to be part of most summer dishes. And what a simple recipe to prepare and still be so festive.

    Ahhhh... it's hard to believe that the summer series is over. Today the weather around our place does indicate we're drawing nearer to the end of our glorious summer days.

  10. Mmm. These look delicious. I think a little salmon spread would be yummy as well. You could put almost anything into them!

    Summer foods - cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes warm from the vine, peaches and so much more. It's a wonderful time for the taste buds.

  11. Those look very tasty and healthy. Yum. I've been enjoying watermelon (pretty much eating them all by myself, too) and peaches. Oh the peaches... I've had a couple of yellow meat watermelons and while they are okay they are not my favorite. Oh...and cucumbers, I've been finding little ones a lot like english ones only smaller that I like better than the regular ones.


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