As the name of my blog indicates, I spend a lot of time thinking about home. Of course, my Heavenly Home is the one that is eternal, so that’s where I need to lay up my treasures, and that’s the one I’m striving for. But in the meantime, I have been given this tiny piece of the here-and-now—this home on the edge of town, this family, this neighborhood—in which to serve Him. And, though this is in the earthly realm, I want the things that happen here to be investments in the Heavenly realm.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On Blogging (and Other Stuff)

I have been thinking a lot about blogging lately. Like why I began blogging and what my purpose is. How much time I should allot for blogging? And how much of that allotted time is needed for commenting on other blogs? One reason for my pondering is that we are back to homeschooling soon, thus my time is more scheduled and I feel the need to evaluate and make wise choices. 

I am open to a discussion about blogging! 
  • What is your purpose for blogging?
  • How long does it typically take you to compose a post? 
  • Do you comment on the blogs that you read? (Vee recently asked her readers a similar question.)
  • When you make a mistake (grammatical, spelling) and discover it later, does it drive you batty? Do you go back and fix it?
  • If you're married, does your husband read your blog? 

Feel free to jump into the discussion on any point! Obviously, some of my questions are more contemplative, while some are lighter, but I am interested in whatever you'd like to talk about. 

There were several comments (both on the blog and on my Facebook page) about the cupcakes we had at the birthday party. There is a story behind those cupcakes! 

As I have told you, Bekah loves to bake...and she is also (how shall I say this?) thorough. Leaving nothing to chance, she decided to make some "practice" cupcakes a few weeks ago, to try out her recipe and techniques. But...she didn't want to make a whole batch, so she one-fourthed the recipe to make only four cupcakes. 

the practice cupcakes

She took hours to make those four cupcakes. She had to one-fourth the cupcake recipe. And these cupcakes were filled with ganache, so she had to one-fourth that too. Then she did the math again for the cream cheese frosting recipe. All of that mixing and baking and filling and frosting and decorating...for four cupcakes. She said that she didn't mind at all; it was fun, in fact! And the test cupcakes were declared a success, so she made them for the party. This time, she omitted the ganache filling. Not because it wasn't delicious, but because, after much deliberation, it was decided that it would be too much along with the sundae bar that was planned. I mean, we do have our limits. ~smile~

(By the way, I think that Bekah earned some school credit for math with all those calculations!)

Since I am talking about Bekah, let me share this conversation I overheard last week. 

Bekah, trying to choose something to wear on our outing to the yogurt shop, was torn between two fashion choices. She decided to ask Kati for help.
Bekah: Say 1 or 2.
Kati: 2.
Bekah: Say 1.
Kati: 1.
Bekah: Okay.

I have discovered a kindred spirit over at Wonderful Life Farm. Kate is a Christian homeschooler, mother, and grandmother who loves colonial style! When I found her blog, I found a friend. 

This week, Kate is hosting a Tasha Tudor-inspired give-away including a vintage cookbook, an apron she crafted from some reproduction fabric, and a beautiful set of note cards. Goodies galore! Go take a look at Kate's beautiful blog, and leave a comment on ~this post~ to be entered to win her Tasha Tudor  Birthday give-away. 


Another month has come and almost gone...which means that it's time to Gather the Moments! I'll be gathering some photos and reflecting sometime over the weekend. (My goal is Saturday.) As I have done for the first seven months of this year, I will be providing a place for you to link your own "moments" and we can share with one another. (More details ~here~.)

I will be hosting this gathering each month through December. Feel free to join in! 

Thinking About Home

So what would you like to talk about? Blogging...or other stuff?


  1. Wow to those cupcakes! And happy birthday Cheryl! I hope you have another great homeschool year. As far as blogging, I comment on a blog if I read it. I started blogging after my father died, maybe to talk about that at first, and as a sort of journal or creative outlet. It combines my love of writing and photography and editing photos. I often think it's time to close it down and then there is one more post to write and then another … I would miss the many wonderful blogging friends I've made. Blogging has enriched my life and I have learned so much from reading others' blogs. Lately I seem to have less time to read others or to write my blog. But I'm not ready to give it up.

  2. I blog as my journal and started it for my daughters and family and friends. I have kept a written journal for nearly 30 years. I have never joined in any links or parties - I really don't even know HOW to do that!! I do not yearn for multitudes of followers - I just enjoy the friends I have come to love and admire. I usually comment when I can - if I think I have something to say. I don't feel compelled to visit every single blog every single day and sometimes I barely have time to write my own journal entry at the end of a day. We can only blog about our LIFE and that LIFE takes TIME!!! The blog is the RESULT of life - not the main focus of it!!

  3. Well I want to comment on both blogging and stuff, lol. Those cupcakes looked delicious, and I am impressed she went to so much work to try them out. A true baker. And then as far as blogging goes. I blog MAINLY as a journal for my kids and grandkids someday should they be interested. I print my blog at the end of year and I have 5 books now. My daughter told me the other day (when we were on the subject for a completely different reason) that if she got nothing else after I was gone she wants those books. She said, "It would be like having a visible link to you always. Your thoughts, your feelings, your dreams and hopes it's all there in those books." So I guess she got the reason why I do it without even telling her. I comment MOST of the time to the select few I am a regular follower of. I kind of consider them my friends. They are women who I admire and feel a fellowship with, sometimes for different reasons. I LOVE blogging, but I do try to be careful of my time. I think this season in my life makes it easier for me to find the time then maybe others. I have never tried to get followers, nor do I worry about it much. It does amaze me that I get maybe 9 or 10 comments on an average, and yet it shows that close to 100 sometimes read a single post. I do wonder who these other people are. I read a few blogs I never comment on. They are mainly quilting blogs though and I am just looking for inspiration and enjoyment. My husband occasionally reads my blog, and my daughter and one of my sisters. The rest of my family pretty much never does, lol. They say my posts are too long and they don't have the time, lol. Oh well...My mother LOVED my blog. She always read it and then when she couldn't read anymore she asked me to read it to her. I miss that along with a million other things about her. Sorry this is so long. It is a subject I've wondered about many times. Glad you brought it up!

  4. Ah blogging….

    I still love it. I love the friends I have made through blogging. I love having a place to store the events of our lives, to share some thoughts, to encourage others.

    I do comment, most of the time, though there is one blog I read regularly and rarely say a word. But mostly I comment because I know how I feel about seeing how many people come by my blog every day, and yet only a handful of regulars comments!

    I write quickly usually. But with school back in session around here, I am trying to not be online continually. This said, I am thinking of doing a homeschool blog.


  5. PS - Tim does read my blog. I tease him that he is checking up on me!

  6. I sure hope Bekah earned credit for those calculations! And her convo with Kati... much better than a coin toss! haha

    I started blogging as a creative outlet, but like all my creative outlets, my inspiration goes through highs and lows. I happen to be on a low at present.

    It takes me a long time to put together a blog post because I want to be very precise with my words so as to avoid misunderstanding. I want to say meaningful things yet avoid the trap of being self-indulgent. I also don't want to cross any lines and over-share about my family. So many things to think!!!

    My husband does read my blog. He is a loyal fan of just about everything I do that adds to my sense of accomplishment. MOST of the time he is my first reader. He reads the preview before I click the publish button and then reads it again later after it has been out there a day or 2. He doesn't insist that I let him read it, but I know he feels a sense of honor when I do and I like for him to feel honored!

    I do not comment on every blog that I read. Sometimes it is because I am lazy, or rushed, or have nothing pertinent to say. I tend to comment more on blogs who have few commenters because I know what an encouragement that can be to a "little" blogger.

    I think I have said enough!

  7. P.S. That should say "He doesn't insist that I let him read it FIRST"


  8. *What is your purpose for blogging?

    Entertainment, enjoying friends, enjoying writing.

    *How long does it typically take you to compose a post?

    Sometimes forever. Depends upon whether I've been out with my camera or not.

    *Do you comment on the blogs that you read? (Vee recently asked her readers a similar question.)

    Yes, occasionally. I used to do that every single time. Now I have run out of time. I made the decision that a blogger would rather have a comment from me on their blog than an email with a response to their comment. Does that make sense? It was a hard decision to make, but necessary because otherwise life is lived at the computer.

    *When you make a mistake (grammatical, spelling) and discover it later, does it drive you batty? Do you go back and fix it?

    I Always fix it. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and punctuation, etc. I can't stand to let those mistakes just sit there. :-)

    *If you're married, does your husband read your blog?

    Yes, he's my #1 fan. LOL

    BTW, absolutely LOVED the conversation between Bekah and Kati. LOLOLOLOLOL

  9. Wow! what a post! so much to share :-)

    first, Happy Birthday!
    second, oh, my! those cupcakes! chocolate, ganache, creamcheese = a taste of heaven.
    third, I love your 'Bekah Stories' - they always make me smile. She is such a joy to you, thank you for sharing her with us!
    fourth, I have been a fan of Tasha Tudor for many years and I am now a fan of Kate as well. Thank you for introducing her blog to me.
    fifth, your blogging encourages, inspires, and challenges me. I know it is a lot of work and I would never want it to take away from your family, but I do hope you continue doing what you do here. I look forward to every post. I have a slower connection living in the boon-docks, so it makes it difficult for me to load many blog/website pages, and commenting can sometimes be frustrating. I am one who does go back and fix grammar/spelling errors on my own blog, and am terribly ashamed when I find them on my old posts!

    Have a blessed day, enjoy your family and have fun with Bekah this school year!


  10. Purpose: Pleasure, creativity, connections, expression
    How Long? Not very long at all. 4-6 minutes.
    Do I fix mistakes? YES! As soon as I'm aware of it.
    Husband? Most of the time, he does.

    And OH, how I loved the Bekah/Kati exchange :)

  11. I have no idea why I am blogging. I used to know why. It is not as a journal for my family because they could not possibly care less. I feel about it as I do about my grandmother's letters under the bed...probably some interesting things there, but who needs it. Sigh. So I think that I am fast coming to the place where blogging will be on then back, back burner for a long, long time. A summer like this has taken the wind from my sails, hence the experimenting. Do my typos annoy me? Yes. In fact, I think that I have been misspelling "Bekah." That was a cute conversation, btw.

  12. Well, after blogging for a very long time I only blog once every week or two (its a natural and not the writing is what takes more time for me and I don't enjoy messing with them like I used to). I only have a handful of bloggy women friends I really enjoy and they are women who seem to care/write back/have a connection with and that is where I comment. Big blogs I might read but never comment (favorites are decorating/frugality/theology). I have a strange fascination with all things theological and I have had to make a rule for myself to not read all that I would like because it is too time consuming and I really want to spend that time on a devotional life. So far so good.

    I believe in "No Apologies Blogging." You will never see me apologizing for being away and if I can't always read blogs I let it go and start back when I have the time. So sometimes I go missing for a couple of weeks. I always answer emails.

    Mike used to read my old blog but he is so busy now with work he hasn't got time for that. And that is okay. :)

    Wishing you the best as you ponder these things.

  13. Good questions. I read blogs for about two years before I started blogging. I mostly read them for encouragement, whether spiritual, homemaking, parenting, quilting, sewing, etc. Finally I thought I would like to do some writing/photos of my own, for myself and also for the connections with these online "friends" even though we may never have met:). It takes me a long time, though, probably 2-4 hours per post, including photos, etc. And if I find an error, I usually do go back and correct it. My husband has read my blog, but doesn't usually. My daughter and now my sister are faithful readers, but I haven't told that many people in my real life about it.

    I think I leave a comment about 75% of the time. Sometimes that means I save up the blogs I care about the most because I know I don't have time to leave a comment or I'm reading it on my phone where it is more difficult to comment.

    I am careful with my blogging. A lot of struggles can't be put on here without exposing someone I love, and I don't ever want to do that. At the moment I feel like my blog is rather shallow, but I'm okay with that -- sometimes I need a place to be a little shallow;)

    I would like to say "Thank you" for your blog, Cheryl, as it is one of those I read before I blogged myself. You encourage me to keep pushing forward when really I want to give up: on my home, on meal planning, on

  14. I blog because I write. If I don't write then I become rather cranky. ;)

    But blogging has increased my creativity as I have become better at very simple photography and such. And I have met so many likeminded people through reading blogs (I must follow your links above).

    But I fail greatly now at leaving comments. Most bloggers have no idea that I read their blogs because I am a "drive by" blog reader.

    I only comment once in awhile, even on the blogs of long time good bloggy friends. I have to choose between commenting or creating here at home.

    As for typos? Now that I'm in my 9th year of blogging, I just fix them when I find them and go on. ;) It is beyond me how I can proofread twice or three times and they still appear.

  15. I love blogging and mainly do it as a sort of journal. My husband does not read my blog but my children do. I've only told a couple of friends about it, but I don't know if they read it. I don't pay much attention to stats.

    I still have much I want to blog about, but it's been so busy lately and it will soon get busier so I'm contemplating taking an extended blog break. It's either that or just going the no comment route while blogging a few days a week.

    I try to comment most of the time, but those that blog everyday are too hard to keep up with. I only get around to a few a day lately.

    I try to fix mistakes as soon as I see them, but I type fast and read faster so I'm sure I don't always catch them.

    Now, I'll go see what everyone else said about this topic. Have a nice day!

  16. I have only been blogging a little over a year and started out mainly to share my photos as sort of a creative outlet for them. Some of you have probably read that I was functioning in my life unable to see well and when the cataracts were fianlly diagnosed and taken care of I was in awe of the world around me started to use my camera again. Little by little the blog became more like a journal, a place where I could share my heart and hopefully encourage anyone who may have read it. Since then, I have just been astounded at the kindred spirits from all over the world! I can be inspired by a photo or take one to add to the inspiration. I had many doubts in the beginning if I should be blogging and felt guilty of the time it was taking. I brought this to the Lord and He seemed to give me a peace about it and of course, as time went on, I have been able to manage the time I am putting in better. Only a couple of posts a week...sometimes only one. I have a few posts that have been started but left unfinished for one reason or another...some day I will finish them or they will get deleted! Sometimes when I get an idea for a post, I will just put a title in so it will be thre to remind me to write the post...I will surely forget it if I don't! And the typos...well, they drive me crazy...isn't it funny how we can read and re-read apost and think we caught them all?? My worst issue is leaving simple words out and I am continously going back into the posts and correcting them when I find them. I wonder how many typos there will be in this long comment of! Anyway..regardless of how long I continue my blog, I am truly amazed at the relationships that can be formed online. If anyone were to tell me this was possible, I wouldn't have believed it. That is what I love the most...the encouragement I receive and hope to give to my new faraway friends :)

  17. Great discussion here. I'll take one of those cupcakes to snack on as I think and write. Great job, Bekah!
    I read a few big blogs that I do not comment on, other than those, I try to comment on most posts that I read. I blog for my own pleasure and for connection to others.
    My husband rarely reads my blog, but my mother-in-law depends on it and my mother, aunts, several cousins and others read my blog faithfully.

  18. Cheryl, I started my food blog February 2010. I knew before I even started that I would not be able to consistently do more than one post per week, so that is what I set out to do and have done for 4 1/2 years. I post every Thursday morning, once in a while it will be on a Wednesday or a Friday for some reason, but usually Thursday. Of course, all the experts say you must post at least three times a week to "succeed."

    My husband reads every post as soon as I post it. He thinks my blog is fabulous! (He's my biggest fan!) I love getting comments, and I reply to every comment. I love commenting on the blogs I read. I don't comment on every post because I only visit once a week; if a blogger posts three times a week, I might be reading three posts at once but will likely just comment on one.

  19. Bekah is a perfectionist! She'd make a great engineer. Just saying... ha!

    I was a little too late to enter that lovely giveaway. Drats.

    I blog because I like to write and do photography. All the friendships I've made over the years are the surprise bonuses. I can spend quite a bit of time on a blog post, considering the amount of effort that goes into carefully editing my photos. I easily spend 1-2 hours per post, unless it is a very short one. I try to comment as much as possible for folks that I follow. But I have been slacking off when my DH has been ill. Real life comes first! And yes, he reads my blog faithfully. He always gives me good feedback too. And yes, I correct mistakes that I notice later on.

  20. What do I like about blogging...
    Meeting new people who enrich my life, make me laugh, encourage me, and stretch me. The world has been opened to me in new ways from blogging. I've enjoyed meeting several of my blogging friends.
    Too positive? :)
    I do like to correct my mistakes on my posts. It used to be that my sister was blogging right alongside me and she'd be right on my mistakes!
    I'm getting my August Gathering the moments post ready...
    Love the conversation between Bekah and Kati!

  21. Hi Cheryl, I have enjoyed reading this post and comments. I felt I should put in my ten cents too:)
    I began a blog for the purpose to have an outlet for writing and such which I enjoy to do when I have the time. If it encourages someone else, that is an added bonus.
    I find a blog post can take me awhile to put together if I really want it to be a worthwhile one.
    I don't comment on every blog I read. not too be rude, I just don't always have the energy..
    Blogging is a great way to learn more about others and yourself.
    I don't ever mention my blog to the people I I doubt if they read it...

  22. I just discovered your blog and I am looking forward to following you and I cannot wait to visit your friend Kate, I also just discovered Tasha Tudor and love her! My blog is much like a journal for me and I have made many dear friends that I would have never met any other way!


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