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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

CeLeBRaTe!! {Day 22 ~ Party Planning Inspiration}

There are everyday celebrations which are simple and require little or no planning. (The Pie Party is just one example.) 

And there are big hairy deal, once-in-a-lifetime occasions that require lots of planning. (A wedding might be one of those occasions.)

Most of my celebrations fall somewhere in between. I might plan a birthday party, or a holiday gathering, or a casual dinner party.

Generally, I think a simple celebration is best (even if some of our parties turn out a bit...hmmm...not quite simple?). But often what inspires me is a big surprise...even to me! My party inspiration comes from many different sources.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Inspiration could be a package of napkins.

Have I told you about my obsession with napkins? I have a blue million packages in my party cabinet. Why do great napkins always find me?! 

A package of sunny yellow napkins inspired my table centerpiece and the dessert for the ladies' game night I hosted last spring. (See ~here~.)

A (partial) package of blue napkins inspired the table decor for Resurrection Sunday. (You can read about it ~here~.)

Napkins and plates inspired the party theme for one of our triple birthday celebrations. (You can read about that ~here~.)

Inspiration could spring from a theme.

When Bekah had a sudden desire to have a French theme for her 10th birthday party, the wheels started spinning in my mind and the party just grew from there. (You can visit her oh là là party ~here~.)

A box of vintage Barbie stand-up cards were the theme inspiration for another birthday party. (Visit the vintage Barbie party ~here~.)

One Father's Day, a nautical theme was the springboard for our Father's Day celebration. Then we scoured Pinterest for some maritime ideas and off we sailed. (Sail with us ~here~.) The very next year, my mom found some paper plates with an anchor emblem, and off we sailed again! (More nautical design ~here~.) 

Basically, inspiration can come from almost anything if you encourage your party brain!

Can you believe that a full-fledged birthday party grew from some "Perles de Sucre Bleues"? Gammy picked these up for Bekah one summer, and her (April) birthday party was planned with them in mind. Of course, knowing the "bleu" theme was anticipated, I picked up some glittery blue butterfly Christmas tree January, for 25 cents each! (See the Perles de Sucre Bleues in all their party glory ~here~.)

A clip art page in a Martha Stewart Living magazine inspired a theme for a Mother's Day celebration. I printed a set of these vintage strawberry recipe cards for each mother, decorated with strawberries, and served a strawberry dessert. (No pictures of this "before blogging" celebration.)

~ source ~

Pinterest can spark party inspiration. Magazines showcase creative ideas. A party store...Target's clearance shelf or Dollar Spot...other bloggers... 

If you learn to look with party eyes, you'll be surprised at what inspires you! 

And your celebrations will be uniquely you!

P.S. Don't stress! A party can be a wonderful celebration without coordinating colors or a fabulous theme. Remember the focus!

This is Day 22 in the series CeLeBRaTe!!  Click ~here~ to see more.


  1. I just knew you'd be here (even if your blog hasn't updated yet on my blogroll.) You are definitely in the homestretch now!

    My mind so seldom bends toward "party" that I need posts like this to inspire. You certainly do have imagination for memory making!

  2. I like how your party mind works! There are so many things that can spark a theme... if you keep your eyes open. Most of my better ideas are totally out of nowhere!

  3. You do find lots of good ideas, Cheryl. I love all of these. xo

  4. Love all of this. Inspiration by napkins, that is great. Must show my sister who is also a napkin magnet. I tend to use cloth napkins a lot. But just this evening I'm working on inspiration for the table for our book club on Thursday. Funny you should write this today! :-)

  5. Cheryl! you have so inspired me this month, your ideas, thoughts, and photos have been such a blessing,. I don't get by everyday, but when I do, I so enjoy catching up, it is like reading a book.


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