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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fruit On Tuesday {Round Up}

You know how I love a tidy little place to corral everything!  This is of all the featured foods from this summer's Fruit on Tuesday series, and links to all the recipes.

Clockwise, from top left:
Week 4: Raspberry Sauce
Week 6: Key Lime Pie
Week 9: Peach Chutney
Week 12: Plum Kuchen

I promised you a few bonus recipes...
ones that were not a part of this series.
How about these?

My daughter Kati has treated us to Pineapple Whips a couple of times.  They are a wonderful summertime cool, so refreshing!

I ran out of summer before I ran out of fruit ideas!  I had hoped to try a popsicle recipe before time got away.  It won't be part of my series, but I will be making these Almost Pina Colada Popsicles sometime before the autumn chill sets in.  I have been reading Lorrie's Fabric, Paper, Thread blog for a couple of years, but only recently discovered her recipe blog, Pass to the Left, and it is full of delicious inspiration!  Go take a look around!

Here is one of our old friends, Blueberry Cheese Pie.  I believe it is the first recipe I ever shared on my blog.  It is easy, cool, and yum-dilly-icious...which is why it is an "old friend" on our summer dessert menu.  

Thank you to all who have joined me each week for Fruit On Tuesday!  

Have you found any fresh new fruit recipes this or elsewhere? 


  1. It was such an odd summer that I didn't try too many new recipes of any sort. I have some from this list saved on a Pinterest folder. (I do enjoy Lorrie's recipe blog.) We usually eat our fruit in its natural state without cooking, though this will all change pretty soon.

  2. Such a yummy looking batch of goodies! I'm not supposed to eat sweets since I'm borderline diabetic, but every now and then I just have to have a piece of chocolate or dish of ice cream. The Frozen Fruit sounds very good to have this hot weather!

  3. I didn't entertain, so no desserts were made this summer, I just enjoyed lots of fresh fruit in its natural state, as Vee said. I am still seriously craving watermelon! I am going to check out this blog, I didn't realize she had a separate food one. xo

  4. so much yumminess all in one spot! pinning this. I'm so glad you put these all in one place. Hope your summer was as sweet as all your beautifull dishes here.


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